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Alzheimer’s, early diagnosis with smartphone camera

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Alzheimer’s, early diagnosis with smartphone camera

Researchers from the University of San Diego, California have created a ‘app able to detect diseases like theAlzheimer using a Pixel 4 phone camera to examine a patient’s pupil. It is the latest way smartphone cameras have proven to be effective in diagnosing many diseases.

Last year Google had shown, at the 2021 I / O Developer Conference, a software able to recognize skin problems simply photographing parts of the body to be analyzed using Artificial Intelligence.

Led by Professor Edward Wang, San Diego researchers explain how in an interview with “The Verge” the eyes are one metric to detect Alzheimer’s, and in particular the pupil. A recording of the response to specific tasks allows you to analyze, even through an app, cognitive disorders based on how the pupil reacts to certain commands.

A common Pixel 4, currently surpassed by the Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 hardware, can support search thanks to cameras equipped with infrared rays used by Google for facial unlocking. As the researchers state, infrared technology is better at detecting the difference between eye color and pupil than a standard sensor, which studies the spectrum of visible light. The type of measurement, which does not provide an immediate result, can represent a first screening approach to patients at risk of Alzheimer’s, reducing the cost of more time-consuming laboratory tests as well as machinery worth tens of thousands of dollars.

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