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Alzheimer’s, positive data for vaccine candidate: tests continue

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Alzheimer’s, positive data for vaccine candidate: tests continue

Swiss biopharmaceutical company Ac Immune announces positive data for Aci-35,030, an Alzheimer’s vaccine candidate that could pave the way for a promising strategy for the prevention and treatment of neurological disease. The product is the first in a new family of vaccines targeting the phosphorylated form of the Tau protein (pTau) and, based on “excellent performance” in Phase 1b/2a clinical trials, Ac Immune will continue development of the experimental vaccine together with Janssen, a pharmaceutical company of the US giant Johnson & Johnson. Interim results from the Phase 1b/2a study were presented at the Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) 2022 conference in San Francisco.

“The selection of Aci-35.030 for further development is a significant step in this ongoing collaboration” with Janssen, says Ac Immune CEO Andrea Pfeifer. “Early clinical trials – he reports – have shown that Aci-35.030 is generally well tolerated and induces specific activity against pathological forms of Tau, including the neurotoxic pTau and its aggregated version ePhf (enriched paired helical filaments), both closely implicated in Alzheimer’s disease.The excellent performance of Aci-35.030 in study participants, about 65 years old on average, opens potentially promising avenues for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s, which could have important societal impact. of Janssen for contributing valuable knowledge, expertise and resources to support this collaboration.”

The data illustrated at the Californian meeting indicate that “treatment with Aci-35.030 rapidly leads to strong and long-lasting induction of specific antibodies for the pathological forms of Tau”, reads a note. “Looking to 2023 – Pfeifer underlines – Ac Immune will have three candidate vaccines in phase 2″, which highlights “the company’s position as a leader in active vaccination against neurodegenerative diseases”.

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