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Alzheimer’s, telemedicine as an opportunity for treatment

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Alzheimer’s, telemedicine as an opportunity for treatment

Alzheimer's, telemedicine as an opportunity for treatment

Roberto Altavilla

  • Thursday 22nd September 2022

On the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day, doctors are calling for the introduction of telemedicine: an opportunity to improve care and territorial care. But what is meant by telemedicine? A method of providing health care services, through the use of innovative IT technologies, in situations where the health professional and the patient (or two professionals) are not in the same location.

“In the field of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease there are diversified needs both on the part of patients and on the part of caregivers – explains Dr. Roberto Altavilla, geriatrician specialist at the Casalpusterlengo hospital -, at the moment, however, we have a thousand types of questions and a single answer and thus a narrow funnel is created which everyone tries to pass through, often with slowdowns ». Altavilla exemplified: «Think of a patient for whom it is only necessary to renew the therapeutic plan: is it necessary for him to queue up and come in person? But telemedicine can also help in the comparison between the specialist and the general practitioner to evaluate some situations together. Using telemedicine means better following the patient and the caregiver at a distance in the possible things, avoiding that a slice of the population, while waiting, remains excluded ».

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