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amazing what happens to the stomach

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amazing what happens to the stomach

Consumers are increasingly attentive to the effects that food and drinks have on health, which is why they are wondering whether drinking beer is good for you or not.

Beer is an alcoholic drink obtained from the fermentation of the wort and flavored with hops. However, given the great fame of this alcoholic drink, several producers have experimented with alternative solutions such as red beer, beer without hops, non-alcoholic beer or lemon flavored beer.

When we talk about beer we refer to a historic alcoholic drink which, for centuries, has accompanied the moments of conviviality of generations of men and women. Over time, the fermentation and aromatization technique has been improved and today, on the market, there are dozens and dozens of beers.

Just take a look on the supermarket shelves to realize that there are so many different beers.

When consuming this drink it is it is good to check the alcohol content. In fact, there are more or less alcoholic beers: it is part of 0% of the non-alcoholic ones up to almost 10%.

However, the question we are asking today is: is drinking beer good or bad?

Modern consumers are very careful about what they drink and eat, which is why they want learn about the effects of beer intake on the human body.

Drinking beer: is it good or bad?

The first effect that you may notice when drinking alcoholic beer concerns the stomach. Drinking an alcoholic drink can cause acidity problems. In fact, drinks such as wine or beer favor the gastrin secretion, a hormone that. in turn, increases the production of hydrochloric acid.

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However, according to some studies conducted on beer and the effects it produces on the human body, it seems that this alcoholic drink favors reduced risk of heart disease. In fact, drinking beer in moderation contributes to the formation of the so-called good cholesterol.

Also, beer is a drink rich in antioxidants which slow down the action of free radicals that contribute to cellular aging process.

In any case, attention must also be paid to the alcohol content of the drink. But there is a really simple trick to find out the effect beer has on our stomach and evaluate the goodness of the product.

How to evaluate the effect of beer on the stomach?

If beer has a negative effect on our stomach it is almost always caused byother concentration of carbon dioxide. This occurs following a incorrect tapping of the beer.

How to tell if the drink we are ingesting contains high quantities of CO₂?

A very simple method is to put a fork in a beer mug. If this comes out of the glass, it almost certainly is the aggressive effect of carbon dioxide. This reaction clearly indicates to us that the beer was not tapped correctly and that, if ingested, it could cause abdominal bloating.

Therefore, drinking beer is not bad as long as the drink is both of excellent quality and well tapped. However, it is always important to drink in moderation and never do it if you have to drive a car afterwards. In fact, even a glass of beer can alter our cognitive abilities and reduce reaction times which, while driving, are essential to avoid accidents.

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