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Amazon and EA “close to reaching a partnership” to film “Mass Effect” TV series

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Mass Effect

In an interview with Deadline a few days ago, Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke revealed that they have “closely reached cooperation” with EA and BioWare, and are expected to jointly film a TV series based on “Mass Effect”. “You will see that we continue to invest in works of various fantasy categories. There is a team specializing in this category in our studio. They will work hard to cooperate with the creators. You can expect more results.”

Amazon’s willingness to increase investment in this area is mainly due to the success of the previous fantasy work “Wheel of Time” (Wheel of Time). Salke called it “one of the five best-performing works in Prime Video’s first release,” and the number of broadcasts reached “tens of millions”, and the percentage of complete viewing was quite high. Recently, EA has also stated that the “Mass Effect” TV series “There is no question of whether to shoot or not, only when to shoot.” Considering that the series has four games, the fifth part is also under development, so I really want to shoot the theme. It should be sufficient.

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