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Amazon Prime Video changes its look. And it ends up turning into Netflix

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Amazon Prime Video changes its look.  And it ends up turning into Netflix

Amazon has announced the first, true makeover in over 7 years of Prime Video, its streaming platform: The changes are being released globally, but predictably it will be some time before everyone can see them.

Not bad, because to know them there is a video on youtube (visible below) and above all because to imagine them just look at the Netflix home page. As Disney Plus and HBO have already done, Prime Video has somehow decided to graphically conform to what (at least for now) is the queen of the sector: navigation icons on the left (Home, Store, Find, Live, Free for you and Personal Area), classification of the most viewed with large and evident numbers, contents that are browsed horizontally with full-screen images, autoplay if you pass over it and so on.

Tv in streaming

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Whether the new layout is Netflix inspired or not doesn’t matter much: Amazon Prime Video was definitely in need of a makeover, because the platform had not only been stationary for years, but was also the least aesthetically appealing and also the least usable one. The Seattle-based company explained that the news will initially be visible in the Android app and on home devices such as smart TVs, Fire TVs, Roku, Apple TVs and game consoles (but not on the 2012 Apple TV and not on the PS3) and that the interface was designed to be “less demanding and overwhelming for our customers”.

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There are new icons (blue tick for content included in the Prime membership and a yellow bag for those that must be purchased separately) and fortunately the very convenient is confirmed X-Ray function, which allows you to have information about the cast when you pause what you are watching. Amazon manages to do this because it owns the Internet Movie Database, which is the source of this data.

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