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AMD Ryzen upgrades Windows 11 first, wait, because performance may deteriorate

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Windows 11 was officially launched on October 6, with a brand-new interface and multiple new features, allowing many Windows users to download and install the first time. However, if your computer uses an AMD Ryzen processor, you may find that the performance is a little bit slower. .

AMD and Microsoft announced two problems that will be encountered after Windows 11 upgrade. The first is a computer with AMD Ryzen processor. After Windows 11 is upgraded, the latency of L3 cache memory will increase to three times. Normal applications The performance of the program may be reduced by 3~5%, but in the case of e-sports, it may be as high as 10~15%. This problem will be solved by Windows in an update later in October.

The other is that AMD’s Preferred Core (UEFI CPPC2) function cannot be used. Preferred Core will automatically prioritize work to high-performance cores to improve the efficiency of work processing. Functional failure will cause application performance that depends on a single core or a small number of cores. Reduced, the impact is more obvious in the eight cores and processors with TDP 65W and above. AMD is also expected to launch an update this month.

Sources cited: The Verge, AMD


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