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“Among Us” fan-made fighting game “Among Us Arena” free download on Itch.io | 4Gamers

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“Among Us”’s werewolf-killing gameplay has made it popular enough, but fans always want more, so why not try the fighting version of “Among Us Arena”, which converts Imposter’s common moves into fighting skills. More importantly, this is a free game for fans.

“Among Us Arena” was developed and produced by Starcutter, who completely reproduced many of Imposter’s classic killing skills in the game, such as knife back stab, neck twisting, or pistol as fighting moves. Don’t think this is just a small game. Seriously, you can also Combo to 2x, and the fluency is quite careful.

Although this is an unfinished fan work, it is full of loving details in many aspects. For example, the Riptide 2021 e-sports event held in Ohio, USA, specially uses “Among Us Arena” as the event item.

From the game screen, the contestants on both sides were playing fiercely in front, and in the background, a crew member could be seen walking around, and another liar crew member would be instantly killed and turned into a drumstick, fully presenting the original “Among Us”. Some gluttonous taste.

The fan-made “Among Us Arena” fighting game is currently in Itch.io platform is open for free download, Friends who are interested can go to install and play, but no matter how smooth Combo is, there is no guarantee that “Among Us” will win.


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