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An animal is forever, even in summer

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An animal is forever, even in summer

There are many testimonies collected over the years by those who fight the scourge of the abandonment of pets. Generally, there are two worst times of the year for adoptions and abandonments, which we often know are two related phenomena: they are Christmas and summer.

During the Christmas holidays, adoptions have always undergone a surge (to many it seems appropriate, without thinking much, to give a puppy), but after a few months, at the beginning of summer, the number of abandoned animals always increases. With the lockdown, then, we have witnessed a boom in adoptions throughout our country: according to the data, about 3.4 million people, who between 2020 and 2021, have chosen to adopt a pet responding to a need of company, but also without thinking that the new friend will remain. Unfortunately, in fact, it seems that after the emergency, over 117 thousand owners have changed their minds by returning the animals to the kennels.

Dogs, strategies against the heat: when to get them out and what to do if they don’t eat

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Be careful when choosing to give a puppy as a gift

It seems that the decision to adopt was taken only to ease and lighten the period of forced confinement at home; or to have an excuse to go out. Often behind the gesture of giving a puppy or an adult dog as a gift, there is not a thoughtful and reasoned choice, but a superficial choice of consumerist desire, which does not take into account the fact that the animal is a living being, and that the value of a life is the most important element any individual should learn before dealing with an animal. The choice to share one’s life with another living being cannot be made only on the principle of pleasing a child or a girlfriend / or, but should be based on the principles of conscious adoption.

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Dogs and abandonment anxiety: how to reassure them and manage it better

of Deborah Amery

The habits of the animal must be respected

It is necessary to understand, before adoption, if we will be ready to sacrifice part of our time to dedicate it to another living being, who will always and in any case depend on us in all respects, from food to daily outings; if we are ready to accept that our life can be turned upside down by a small furry puppy, who will lose hair, get dirty in the house at least at the beginning, who will want to play, who will have to go out in any external weather condition, who will need to be brought from veterinarian, and that he will live with only us as his family.

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Understanding with which breed a good coexistence is possible

Furthermore, it is necessary to understand before taking it home, which type of animal may be more similar to the characteristics of our personality and our lifestyle; and, among dogs, with which breed we could most easily establish a relationship that is beneficial to both. Animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling fear, pain, happiness. The associations that deal with adoptions and rescue that every day save abandoned animals are fighting firmly that they become the object of poorly considered adoptions.

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I rescue: what are they

For example, Cirneco dell’Etna Rescue Italia takes care of safeguarding Cirneco dell’Etna and its mestizos; the dogs they affect are abandoned animals, which come from kidnappings for mistreatment, from transfers of property, from recoveries that are made by volunteers in dangerous and extremely difficult conditions; the cirnechi found are often in need of expensive care because they are invested or with highly debilitating metabolic pathologies, or puppies with serious infectious diseases, and to ensure that these dogs have a second chance, thanks to the donations of the people who support them, volunteers from various parts of Italy struggle every day against the insensitivity of man.

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