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an autopsy was ordered. What is Sids

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an autopsy was ordered.  What is Sids

Another probable case of white death, cot death or Sids, sudden infant death syndrome. There was nothing that could be done for a 10-day-old baby girl who died last night in Corato in the province of Bari. According to what we understand, the little girl, accompanied by her mother and other relatives, was taken to the emergency room of the Umberto hospital I of Corato when she was already dead and the efforts of doctors and nurses to resuscitate her were useless. The desperation of the little girl’s parents marked the night in the hospital and in Terlizzi, also in the Bari area, where the family lives.

There would be nothing to suggest anything other than a natural death, but the Trani Prosecutor’s Office has nevertheless ordered the seizure of the body: an autopsy will be carried out in the next few days. The carabinieri are investigating the matter, having already interviewed the newborn’s family that same night. No signs of violence were found on the newborn’s body.

According to an initial reconstruction, she was already seen in extreme pain in the crib where she had been placed after being breastfed. No more than 10 minutes had passed since her mother noticed that her little girl was breathing hard. Then the car ride from Terlizzi to the Corato hospital which takes about twenty minutes.

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