Home Health An inexpensive remedy to reduce cellulite blemishes and have light and smooth legs on the beach, even after the age of 50

An inexpensive remedy to reduce cellulite blemishes and have light and smooth legs on the beach, even after the age of 50

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An inexpensive remedy to reduce cellulite blemishes and have light and smooth legs on the beach, even after the age of 50

Cellulite is a problem that afflicts the majority of women, and not for a matter of weight, as even very thin girls suffer from it. Localized adiposity is not only an aestheticism that creates discomfort for those who have it, but it is to be considered a real disease, even if not serious.

Not to be confused with normal tissue hypotonia, PEFS, or Edematous Fibro Sclerotic Panniculopathy, is a disorder that requires adequate care.

It is not clear that this is not a disabling disorder, but it is still considered a pathology and as such must be treated, even on the advice of a trusted doctor. He will certainly be able to advise you in the best possible way.

Starting with the power supply. In fact, to fight cellulite from the inside, it is important to prefer foods rich in water, antioxidants and useful mineral salts, with a moderate caloric weight.

Fortunately, there is an inexpensive remedy to reduce cellulite blemishes, just have the consistency to follow it for a couple of weeks.

In cellulite, defined as a gender problem because it almost exclusively affects women, the hormonal component is predominant. In fact, estrogens promote water retention, adipose accumulations and premenstrual syndrome, as well as being responsible for what we would call “femininity”. Without forgetting its genetic origin, cellulite arises from an imbalance of the microcirculation that causes a reduced supply of nourishing and oxygenating blood. This allows the accumulation of localized fat. Among the many products marketed to fight cellulite, such as muds and lotions, finding your way around is truly a jungle.

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An inexpensive remedy to reduce cellulite blemishes and have light and smooth legs on the beach, even after the age of 50

Most of the time these are not particularly cheap preparations. Furthermore, in the immediate absence of the desired results, we tend to get discouraged and not pursue with techniques that could prove to be successful.

This remedy acts on the imperfection, not on the clinical causes of cellulite. It should therefore not be understood as a substitute for the doctor’s opinion. Despite this, it can have an evident and long-lasting improvement effect, except on people who lead a manifestly unhealthy life. Movement is essential. With this method it is possible to purify and drain the areas affected by orange peel. But if you keep introducing toxins into your body, everything becomes useless. The method must be performed daily. First of all, you need to drink a large glass of warm water in the morning, as soon as you wake up.

Then you have to learn how to massage the areas affected by cellulite. The ideal is a brush with a handle and large silicone teeth, not soft but not excessively hard, easy to find and inexpensive. The movement must be circular, like a uniform caress. The best thing is to exert a pressure that is not excessive, to preserve the capillaries. To make this easier, you can use a body oil or a moisturizer, this is optional. The secret to guaranteed success is consistency. We need to dedicate time to it every day. With this technique, the more superficial microcirculation, adequately stimulated, produces a more than appreciable aesthetic advantage, based on the starting characteristics. Having an hour of relaxation in front of the television or in the company of a good book is certainly the best way to relax and treat yourself to a beauty pampering.

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