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Andrea Stroppa, the good hacker who could save Musk

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Andrea Stroppa, the good hacker who could save Musk

Andrea Stroppa, born in 1994, an IT security expert with a resume to make almost anyone pale, had already jumped to the headlines as well as for his professionalism when in 2017 he was a consultant to Matteo Renzi on cyber security and Marco’s protégé Carrai, the same age and personal friend of Renzi, an entrepreneur in the construction sector involved in Renzi’s inquiries on the Open Foundation.

Stroppa, a collaborator and close friend of Lapo Elkann, analyzed the interactions under the Business Insider post about the “Elongate”, the sex scandal that broke out recently regarding an alleged harassment against a woman, noting how the bots / fake accounts have contributed to increasing the virality of the tweet that attempted to discredit Elon Musk.

The conclusions of Stroppa’s analysis underline how Twitter was wrong and Elon Musk is right. A thesis that is strengthened thanks to the tests carried out and that allow us to affirm that the percentage of bots present on the social network is definitely higher than 5%. Valuable data for the ongoing dispute between “Mr Tesla” and Twitter, centered, at least in principle, precisely on the percentage of bots and fake accounts that would populate the microblogging platform.

Analysis that obviously caught the attention of Elon Musk, who has almost 103 million followers on Twitter and segue only 118 people, of which one is Andrea Stroppa.

As shown by the infographic summarizing the results of our analysis, Elon Musk is one of the subjects with whom Stroppa interacts most on Twitter, retweeting, replying and quoting several times what, according to the annual Forbes ranking, is the man. richest in the world.

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It is no coincidence that Stroppa’s tweets in which he states that there are bots behind the amplification of the “Elongate”, and his tweet, in which he cites both Musk and the current CEO of Twitter, not only generated a level of exceptional involvement, but they were obviously picked up and re-launched by Musk.

In particular, the latter, a few days ago, had, as it could not be otherwise, the immediate response from Musk who immediately relaunched it citing the Twitter account of the CEO of the microblogging platform. A quote that, as the infographic on the engagement and virality of the dialogues between Musk and Stroppa shows, obtained almost 5 thousand retweets and just under 27 thousand likes, spreading widely for almost three days on the newswire par excellence.

Elements that could prove crucial in the pending lawsuit that will land in US courts in mid-October this year.

In short, if in “The Man Who Whispered Horses”, a 1998 film based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Evans, directed and starring Robert Redford, the actor saved the protagonist from depression after an injury due to a fall from a horse , now Stroppa could be the equivalent of the feature film’s cowboy and horse breeder, Tom Booker, and become Elon Musk’s savior in this controversial affair.

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