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Android car crash detection seems to be rolling out to “non” Pixel phones! – Computer King Ada

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Android car crash detection seems to be rolling out to “non” Pixel phones! – Computer King Ada

At the end of last year, Google will be able to know the location of the mobile phone, motion sensors and nearby sounds to determine whether the user has encountered a serious car accident and alarm the detection function, which will be brought to Google mobile phone users including Pixel 3 and above in Taiwan. Although I haven’t heard any stories of saving people so far, I personally think that this kind of backup insurance function should be a good function that many people hope to get. Now, there are signs that such a feature will no longer be limited to Google Pixel phones! Continue reading Android Crash Detection appears to be about to push the text of the report to “non” Pixel phones.

Android car crash detection appears to be rolling out to ‘non’ Pixel phones

Seeing the Car Crash Detection feature pushed by Google to users of its own Pixel phones, there have been cases of actually saving driving due to active alarms since it was enabled. It is believed that not only Google mobile phone users of Pixel 3 and above models will basically activate this function as long as they know that it has this function; even ordinary Android users should hope that Google can open mobile phones other than their own children to obtain such accidental detection. The test function adds a guarantee for driving safety under emergency conditions.

After the opening for Taiwan Pixel users at the end of last year, some people have now seen the “nonpixel” appearing in the collision detection function of the car accident through the 2022.05.25 version of the updated code of the “Personal Safety” App. It’s a related word for “non-Pixel”. This is also in line with the fact that Mishaal Rahman, a technology media editor who pays attention to the progress in this regard, recently found that Google has launched a research and development recruitment for this function.

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From these various signs, he also estimates that such a function should be on the way to general Android users (I don’t know whether it will start with Android 12 or Android 13). Really can look forward to it! Below we also let you preview how to enable this function.

How to Activate and Use Android Crash Detection

This feature can be found in the “Security and Emergency Assistance” settings (you can find it by searching for “Crash Detection” in the settings). When you turn on this feature, you will see some system manuals. Generally speaking, there is a possibility of detection errors – but the detection logic should be gradually improved after receiving reports from users. You can also activate the system-provided demonstration mode to see how it works.

To put it simply, this can be called a fall detection function for vehicles. When it detects that you may encounter a car accident, the system will push a countdown screen and ask you if you want the situation to be “urgent” or “emergency” with mobile phone vibration + voice. To “cancel” the emergency alarm (but you won’t hear it if you turn on mute XD). Depending on the urgency of the situation, you will be able to reply by voice or by touching the options at the bottom of the screen to drag and select the function to achieve the corresponding emergency or false alarm cancellation.

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