Home Health Angry fans wrongly hit with Nintendo Switch ‘nearly unplayable’, investigation says – Liku

Angry fans wrongly hit with Nintendo Switch ‘nearly unplayable’, investigation says – Liku

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Angry fans wrongly hit with Nintendo Switch ‘nearly unplayable’, investigation says – Liku

Investigators claim that Nintendo fans are being “haunted” by a bizarre console.

According to a new report from consumer watchdog Which?, as many as two in five Nintendo Switch owners in the UK “experienced persistent controller failure”.

The damn report warns that the bug could make the Switch console “nearly unplayable.”

Some gamers have reported “drifting” with the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers.

This means the character moves around the screen or the camera zooms out without any player interaction.

Which? The issue is claimed to have been reported back in 2017 when the console was launched.

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Which? 919 UK adults using a classic Nintendo Switch console were surveyed using YouGov – polled between 10 and 15 March this year.

The regulator says 40 percent of car owners experience drift.

According to reports, about 57% of people experience problems within the first year of owning a console.

A new pair of Joy-Con controllers costs £70 – although Nintendo does offer a 24-month warranty that includes repair or replacement.

Which? It said that one in five gamers contacted Nintendo, but it was not repaired or replaced.

“Our research shows that drift issues continue to plague Nintendo Switch users,” said Which? Policy Director Rocio Concha.

“However, when they contact Nintendo for support, they tend to either cover the cost of replacing the faulty controller themselves, or face a lottery.

“Nintendo needs to conduct an urgent independent investigation into why this issue arose and make its findings public.

“The video game giant must also commit to a completely free repair or replacement service for those affected by the issue, and must promote this program so consumers know support is available.”

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Which? There is now a call for the Super Mario makers to commission an independent investigation into the causes of drift – and to release the results publicly.

Regulators have asked Nintendo to introduce a “no objection” repair or replacement policy for drift-affected Joy-Con controllers.

A Nintendo spokesperson told The Sun that few players have experienced the problem – and that the controllers have been improved.

“In the past, a small percentage of Joy-Con controllers have been reported as having problems with the analog sticks,” Nintendo said.

“We’ve continued to improve the Joy-Con analog stick since its launch in 2017.

“We want all of our hardware to perform as designed.

“And if anything falls short of this, we always encourage consumers to contact Nintendo Customer Support, who will be happy to openly and leniently resolve any consumer issues related to the Joy-Con controller’s analog sticks, Including warranty cases. May no longer apply.”

The Nintendo Switch is now around five years old and is one of the most popular consoles on the planet.

The Nintendo Switch is priced at £279.99 in the UK.

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