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Ankle prosthesis implanted in Sassari with 3D technique – Medicine

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Ankle prosthesis implanted in Sassari with 3D technique – Medicine


(ANSA) – SASSARI, FEBRUARY 24 – For the first time in Sardinia, a total ankle prosthesis was implanted with a new operating technique that provides a “personalized” and 3D approach.

The operation, carried out on a 60-year-old patient hospitalized in the private Policlinico Sassarese structure, was carried out by a team of specialists made up of Andrea Valcarenghi and Marco Zamperetti, orthopedic surgeons of the Abano Polyclinic of Abano Terme, and their colleague Sara Meschini of the hospital of Sassari.

The system used is based on pre-surgery planning that uses the three-dimensional images obtained with the CT scan of the ankle to be operated on, sent to the United States to a laboratory in Memphis, Tennessee, specialized in the creation of “customized” bone cutting guides “.

This innovative technique, developed by Stryker, is used in cases of severe post-traumatic arthrosis resulting from previous fractures and in advanced arthrosis of the ankle, for which the placement of a total prosthesis is indicated.

Once the case has been carefully studied, the engineers of the American laboratory design the guides that will be used to position the prosthesis. Only after approval by the orthopedic surgeon will the production of “custom made” components start. Finally, in the operating room, the operation is carried out thanks to the use of a radiological centering system which allows correct positioning of the guides and placing the prosthesis as foreseen by the virtual model.

There are many advantages for patients, including a standard hospitalization reduced to two or three days and the beginning of physiotherapy rehabilitation three weeks after the operation.


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