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Anna Tatangelo in the gym like this: the photo is heart-pounding

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Anna Tatangelo in the gym like this: the photo is heart-pounding

Source: Instagram

Even when doing her exercises in the gym, the beautiful Anna Tatangelo never gives up on style and sensuality.

Since her beginnings in music, sensuality has been the workhorse of Tatangelo (apart from the voice, it goes without saying). A feature that made her one of the most loved (and envied) singers in Italy. The famous singer recently showed herself to the Instagram audience in sportswear between an exercise session and the other with her personal trainer and her Instagram story immediately attracted the attention of fans.

anna tatangelo
Source: Instagram

In the published shot, Tatangelo wears a mini very tight blue sports top that highlights her large breasts and sculpted abs. The fascinating singer has chosen to collect her hair in a comfortable bun behind her head, but the most astute fans could not help but notice that even in the gym Anna must be made up. The eye make-up in the photo, in fact, is very evident and she will certainly have raised an eyebrow to more than one …

Super sexy Anna Tatangelo in the gym: the shot drives everyone crazy

In support of the posted photo, Anna wrote a simple but incisive “All is marked”, as if to say that his personal trainer does not let him pass even one. After all, for a well-known arch character like her, the exercises have to be done perfectly to get the best results.

anna tatangelo physicist
Source: Instagram

In addition to the gym, Tatangelo loves to keep fit even at home. In fact, the singer follows several online fitness courses to keep fit too when she has little time to go to the gym. After the lockdown due to Covid 19 are many stars who have discovered the validity of training done at home. Anna, who has always been a great fitness enthusiast, is one of them.

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In detail, the Tatangelo follows the digital training courses provided by the Webfit gyms. In short, Anna’s time spent in the gym and exercising in general is a lot, but the results are there for all to see. She herself revealed that the reason for this extreme exercise loyalty is that she loves eating a lot and this is the only way to keep her weight under control!

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