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Annoying and painful, how to prevent chilblains on the hands and what are the remedies

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Annoying and painful, how to prevent chilblains on the hands and what are the remedies

Winter has come to a head and with it has come a series of ailments. Colds, sore throats, flu are in first place, but for those who particularly suffer from the cold there is also another nuisance that comes with the temperature rigide: chilblains on the hands.

Here are some remedies to combat them.

What are chilblains, how and why they form

In scientific terms chilblains are one skin reaction that the human body has when it goes from extremely low temperatures to high temperatures. Otherwise known as pernial erythemachilblains involve ainflammation of the blood vessels in the joints. The capillaries suffer thermal damage resulting in redness, itching, swelling and blisters. The affected areas can be different: hands, feet, ears, nose.

The treatment of chilblains involves pharmacological treatment, in particular the topical use of anti-inflammatory drugs. After a few weeks, the person affected by chilblains should recover, except if there are scars or skin infections. The appearance of chilblains can also be genetic. Usually the period of the year in which the chilblains are more frequent is precisely the winter.

However, an increased incidence of chilblains has been noted in the following individuals:

  • people with vascular disease

  • people taking beta-blockers

They can be recognized by the redness and itching localized in the affected areas, by the burning sensation and by the change in color of the skin ranging from red to blue. In some cases, chilblains cause ulcers and blisters. Pain is usually felt in the area affected by chilblains.

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How to prevent chilblains on the hands, here are some useful tips

As previously mentioned, pharmacological therapy is the only one suitable for counteracting chilblains. You can resort to cortisonebut in the case of severe cases, it is important to first clean the affected area with an antiseptic and take nifedipine-based drugs.

Prevention for those most affected is very important. Prolonged exposure to cold must be avoided and avoid getting too close to heat sources. It is advisable to always warm up gradually because sudden changes in temperature are the cause of the appearance of chilblains. Hydration it is a step that should never be omitted. Wearing gloves, scarves and appropriate shoes helps keep hands, feet and areas that could be affected by chilblains warm.

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