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Anorexia, doctors are missing. And the clinic remains closed

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Anorexia, doctors are missing.  And the clinic remains closed

Local Clinic Struggles to Reopen for Treatment of Eating Disorders

After a long forced break, the Asst Lariana clinic was supposed to reopen in January for the treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. However, due to a shortage of resources and staff, activities are still blocked, leaving families in need without this vital service since July.

The clinic, which had not hired replacements for expired contracts, has faced difficulties in reopening, with the hiring of psychologists being skipped. The only contact person at the clinic has been working to re-establish collaborations with other experts and families while waiting for new hires to be successful from mid-March. The arrival of four expected psychologists last month was canceled due to scheduling conflicts.

The responsibility of treating minor adolescents with eating disorders now falls on Child Neuropsychiatry, which must respond to a large number of treatment needs. However, collaboration with the Asst Lariana clinic is expected to strengthen once the clinic reopens next month.

The lack of specialized staff in psychiatry has contributed to the challenges faced by the Asst Lariana clinic. Despite appointing a new head doctor in the hope of injecting new energy, the reopening has been delayed to mid-March.

Families struggling with the burden of private visits to specialists due to the absence of public health services have highlighted the economic challenges of treating eating disorders. In an effort to raise awareness and promote prevention, a conference will be held at the Como library on Friday, March 15, in collaboration with the Asst Lariana, the Municipality, and Ananke, the center for the treatment of eating disorders. Together, they aim to address the complexities of fighting against anorexia and bulimia on National Lilac Ribbon Day.

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