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Another 5 startups in the Italian Tech database: we are at 131

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They deal with efficient and affordable housing solutions, investments, vegan meat (3D printed), storage and new payment systems. I am Planet Smart City, Moneyfarm, NOVAMEAT, Babylon Cloud e Truelayer, are the five new startups that have entered the Italian Tech Startup Database today launched on 23 September last (here the explanation of the reasons and objectives). Here’s what they are.

Planet Smart City is a startup founded in 2015 by Giovanni Savio and Susanna Marchionni (with offices in Turin and London), who deal with smart social housing, i.e. the development of housing solutions with high standards of efficiency, intended for sale or rent at controlled rates. In 2020, it closed the fourth round of investment of 24 million, raising 74.5 million euros since its establishment.

Moneyfarm is a startup, founded by Paolo Galvani and Giovanni Daprà in 2012, which deals with savings management, using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and biometric recognition solutions. Born in Italy, in Milan, since 2016 it has also been operating in the United Kingdom. In 2018 it closed a round (among the most significant) of 46 million euros. In 2019, Poste Italiane and Allianz invested 40 million euros in the company. To date, Moneyfarm has raised over € 115 million.

NEW MEAT is a startup founded in 2018 by Giuseppe Scionti. The company, based in Barcelona, ​​is working on the large-scale development of a similar meat product with an innovative technology (3D printing), sustainable and ethical. His 2.0 steak has been named the “most realistic plant-based steak” globally. In 2021 it closed a seed round of 250 thousand euros with NEOTEC Creación de empresa, a fund of the Spanish government.

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Babylon Cloud, is a startup founded in 2014 by Alessandro De Losa and based in Milan. He deals with archiving, especially cloud storage. Its mission is to create systems to collect, store, synchronize and share data.

Truelayer, is a startup founded in 2016 by Francesco Simoneschi and Luca Martinetti, who developed a platform that allows you to connect apps and banks to manage payments on the go without the need to enter all the data of a credit card. Based in London, it closed a $ 130 million Series E investment round with Tiger Global and Stripe, for an overall valuation in excess of $ 1 billion. It is the third startup founded by Italians and based in London that has become a unicorn in recent months, after Depop and Soldo.

The Italian Startup Database, the numbers of the Italian Tech db. To date, the Italian Tech database has 131 startup files.


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