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>>>ANSA/Innovative drugs, Fvg has records for purchase times – Medicine

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(by Benedetta Dalla Rovere) (ANSA) – TRIESTE, JULY 11 – Friuli Venezia Giulia takes just 55 days to purchase innovative drugs, after their approval by AIFA and publication in the Official Gazette. A record time, if compared with the 81 days of Sicily, which is in second position. On the other hand, the procedure in Lazio is much longer, where it takes 161 days or in Lombardy where 244 days are needed. These are some of the data that emerged from a study presented by the Motor Health Innovation Observatory during a meeting entitled ‘ The model of access to therapeutic innovation Region Fvg’ with the president of the Hygiene and Health Commission of the Senate, Anna Maria Parente, the regional councilors Carlo Bolzonello, director III Comm. Health, and Furio Honsell, vice president V Comm. Institutional Affairs.

Among the speakers there were also Laura Mattioni, director of the Central Pharmacy of the Regional Health Coordination Company of Udine, Joseph Polimeni, general director of Arcs Fvg and Maurizio Scarpa, director of the Regional Coordination Center for Rare Diseases Friuli Aou Udine.

The works were introduced by Claudio Zanon, scientific director of Motore Sanità, who defined the Fvg “a national benchmark for its ability to welcome and give rapid access to innovation, reducing the time required for each step of the acquisition process” of drugs. Mattioni echoed him, arguing that “slowing down the purchase of innovative drugs does not curb spending, but it is ethical to make new therapies accessible quickly to all patients.

We need to give clinicians and patients the possibility that drugs are prescribed”.

“For at least 10 years, the legislator has been helping the regions to access innovative medicines”, recalled Senator Parente. However, there are differences between regions and regions and they increase “the longer access to the drug is postponed and this is not good”. The goal is to think that these therapies are “an investment and not an expense, even if you-admit you-you in Parliament we have not managed to get this logic across”. “Access to innovative medicines cannot be so open in Italy, there cannot be Serie A regions and Serie B regions”, remarked the general director of Arcs Fvg Polimeni who recalled that “a change of paradigm” and “extremely innovative therapies” will soon arrive.

A taste was given by Maurizio Scarpa, director of the regional coordination center for Rare Diseases Friuli AOU Udine and coordinator of Metabern – European Reference Network For Rare Hereditary Metabolic Diseases. “Rare diseases can be an example and a paradigm of all that is needed to make good healthcare – he said – They afflict 5% of the world‘s population and one person in 18 has a rare disease. Doctors need to be updated, especially young people who need to interface with new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, digitization, remote diagnostics”. (HANDLE).

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