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Antonella Fiordelisi is eliminated – Big Brother VIP

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Antonella Fiordelisi is eliminated – Big Brother VIP

The final is upon us and the desire to reach the last episode is ardent for every VIP, but one of the nominated women will soon have to leave the House, abandoning the dream of winning the edition.

Alfonso rules Milena, Giaele, Antonella e Nikita with your back to the led. The first to be saved is Nikita, who thus receives a nice birthday present. The girl thanks the audience with a radiant smile and returns to her seat.

The moment for the final verdict has finally arrived and the three VIPs are called back in front of the LED to find out their fate.

The first to save herself is Giaele who, happy, joins her companions on the sofas ready to find out who between Milena and Antonella will have to leave the House for good.

Alfonso finally pronounces the long-awaited words: the eliminated of the forty-third episode is Antonella Fiordelisi.

All her roommates react with astonishment and dismay but the former fencer welcomes the public’s wishes with sportiness. “What happened happened, they saw me being sick. Anyway, everything was beautiful, thank you very much” he says, saying goodbye to his roommates one last time.

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