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Anxiety and stress? No more junk food: This food fights depression

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Anxiety and stress?  No more junk food: This food fights depression

Anxiety and stress are particularly widespread problems in today’s society, regardless of gender or age. Not everyone knows it, but an important help to permanently eradicate them can come from the intake of a very specific food.

We live in a society that can make people feel, especially those with a sensitive character, constantly under pressure and which leads to feeling at fault if things don’t go well. This is somewhat true in all areas of our lives, from the end of an important love story to a problem at work, as if we had to justify ourselves to others even when we have no responsibility.

Metabolizing the negative situations, which in any case happen in the life of each of us, may not be easy, to the point that there are even those who somatize the sorrows, thus making it even more difficult to overcome them. It is not so rare that those who find themselves having to face a problem begin to experience states of anxiety and stress that can become chronic.

Anxiety and stress: a widespread problem at all ages

Admitting that you suffer from anxiety and stress may not be easy, especially because you fear being looked at in a negative way from those close to us, as if we were unable to overcome problems. In reality this is not the case at all, it is often the most vulnerable people who suffer the most and who are afraid of not making it.

Too often those who haven’t really tried it think they’re just excuses and that they cannot be considered real disturbances, at least until they are accompanied by other symptoms such as tachycardia, eating difficulties or insomnia.

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In the most serious cases, anxiety can lead to serious physical ailments (tantasalute.it)

You can try to keep the malaise at bay by focusing on relaxation and meditation techniquessuch as yoga, although the best choice would be to rely on a psychotherapistwhich allows you to start a process aimed at identifying the causes and eradicating it definitively.

Anyone suffering from anxiety and stress should certainly not be afraid to seek help, not only trying to exploit the support of the most important affections, but also through a specialist. Not everyone certainly knows it, but it is can reduce the feeling of discomfort which also accompanies these moods through greater attention to what you eat.

There is in fact a very specific food that can prove effective. It’s about the vegetables, preferably green leafy ones (spinach, lettuce, chard, rocket, curly kale)certainly essential to ensure the well-being of the body, but also to safeguard our mental health.

vegetables fight anxiety stress
Green leafy vegetables are excellent for fighting anxiety and stress (tantasalute.it)

A recent study carried out in Great Britain demonstrates how beneficial it can be to include them in your diet, which confirmed what a group of Australian researchers had already managed to discover in 2022. The scholars decided to involve 4,000 women. And it turned out that those who consumed at least five portions of vegetables a day had a 19% lower risk of developing depression compared to those who ate at most one.

A similar finding was also obtained in those who eat fruit regularly, which is also important for our well-being. Four daily servings meant 25% less chance of having mental illness.

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