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“Apex Heroes: Escape from the Hidden World” game trailer-Apex Legends

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On November 2nd, “Apex Heroes: Escape from Hermit” will take competitors deep into the Oceans of Gaia, to a land rich in history and wildlife-a new one that makes people love and fear “Storm Point” on the map. In “Apex Heroes: Escape from the Hidden World”, as new weapons and more content appear, the new hero Ash will also be reborn from the ashes.

Today EA and Respawn Entertainment released the game trailer. The video footage will take players to enjoy the new content of “Apex Heroes: Escape from the Hidden World”-now you can watch the video below.

The following will analyze some of the exciting content that players should look forward to when “Apex Heroes: Escape from the Hidden World” was released:

●New map “Storm Point”: Although the storm point looks fascinating, the pure beach and clear water are the center point of the hurricane. Full of wild hunting beasts, new types of enemy armies, poisonous spiders, and increasingly powerful storms make the tension unabated. At this point, the heroes will find new ways to pass through various locations on the map, ranging from islands, tropical jungles, and a base deep in a mountain, and this base is the highest point of all maps in “Apex Heroes” so far .

●New hero “Aish”: modeled after Ashley. A copy made by this woman, Dr. Reid. Ash can sense the breath of death wherever he goes, use electric tripwires to make the enemy immobile, and take more lives through space. It is hard to imagine that there is still a little bit of humanity remaining under that cold steel armor.

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●CAR submachine gun: a flexible weapon, CAR submachine gun can fire light and heavy ammunition. The Combat Advanced Round submachine gun is fully automatic and has considerable recoil. Some players may still remember the past of this gun.

“Apex Heroes: Escape from the Hidden World” has a new battle pass, which provides limited-time modeling and rewards for heroes to unlock by completing challenges and upgrades. A new points season will follow, which will be on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Origin and Steam in “Apex Heroes: Escape from the Hidden World” on November 2nd. When launched on the platform, it will be launched simultaneously.

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