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Apex Heroes M|Heroes Assemble to Defend the Peak Android and iOS Dual Platforms Officially Launched

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Apex Heroes M|Heroes Assemble to Defend the Peak Android and iOS Dual Platforms Officially Launched

Photon Studio, famous for its shooting tactical games, has jointly developed with Rebirth Studio. The mobile game “Apex Hero M” has been officially launched on iOS and Android on May 17.

Jointly developed by the two studios

This time, in order to allow players to experience an innovative game experience, the two major studios focused on in-depth optimization of mobile games and solving balance problems such as image quality and shooting experience. At the same time, adding unique operations to the mobile game, the whole game can be described as tailor-made for the mobile game environment. In addition, the art patterns, background modules, animation special effects, etc. in the game are all newly produced, in order to enhance the player’s immersion in the game.

60-man melee map

Another selling point of “Apex Hero M” is teamwork. The game includes a team battle mode and a 60-player large map mode. In the game, after the player chooses a character, they can cooperate with their teammates to fight. The game is fast-paced. Players can even operate the character to go up and down the world and cooperate with shooting elements. The gameplay is diverse and has fast and timely tactical gameplay. Make the battle process thrilling and exciting.

Players like all characters appearing, including exclusive characters

In the first season version, the characters loved by players such as Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Evil Spirit, Bangalore, Power Kid, Illusion, Pathfinder, Erosion, etc. will appear, and even appear only in “Apex Hero M” The character that appears – Fade, he will appear in the new season, he is a punisher with the ability to phase, the ultimate ability is to force the phase to completely remove the enemy from the battle, and his passive will Enhanced movement speed to further advance phase shifting technology on the battlefield.

Apex Heroes M Exclusive Character Fade
Apex Heroes M Exclusive Character Fade

Hyperactive super action fully reproduced

In the game, players can still perform very stylish actions such as “wall jumping” and “shovel jumping”. In order to realize that the characters can express their actions smoothly and finely in different states, the game team has carried out complex interactions. Logic processing, including skill interaction, tactical actions, scene objects, etc., is only for players to fully appreciate the charm of “Apex Heroes M”.

Classic Maps – World’s Edge

“Edge of the World“, as the most popular classic map for players, will appear in the first season version. In addition, players can also experience the gameplay TDM created for mobile games. The maps include Skull Town, Lava Flow, Heat Stand and wait.

Come and experience the new generation of tactical competition, follow and subscribe to the official Facebook and YouTube, and get the latest information at any time.

download link

Google Play:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.levelinfinite.apexlegendsmobile

App Store:https://apps.apple.com/hk/app/apex-%E8%8B%B1%E9%9B%84m/id1614811669


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