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“Apex Heroes” “Predator” collection event will start on December 7th-Apex Legends

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EA and Respawn have announced that the next “Apex Heroes” limited-time collection event “The Predator” will start on December 7th and will continue until December 21st. Fans’ favorite “Winter Express” limited-time mode will also return to this event, as well as legendary cosmetics and new heirlooms.

Please watch the latest trailer to get a glimpse of the new content of the “Player” collection event in “Apex Heroes” (see here).

Please see below for a summary of the content of the activities that players are looking forward to:

●Winter Express-the popular “Apex Heroes” mode is back! Give the three teams a chance to launch their own plundering operations on the “Edge of the World” train. For the first time in history, heroes can choose their own equipment before boarding a train.

● Predator Collection Event-Players can unlock the legendary cosmetic items limited by the event for Valkyrie, Roba, Undead, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Watson, and Evil Spirit to inspire the hearts of every hero Robbery feelings. Each legendary model has a corresponding weapon, which may appear in the collection or prize progress system. Players not only have the opportunity to obtain 1,600 Apex points through the daily updated challenges, but also encounter more difficult challenges. As long as they complete during the event period, they will receive four exclusive badges. These challenges will all be counted into the battle pass simultaneously, so players can accumulate multiple progress at the same time.

●Watson Heirloom-Once the player has unlocked 24 brand new themed and time-limited cosmetic items, he will be able to obtain the Watson’s electronic heirloom “Energy Reader”.

For more information about the “Player” collection event in “Apex Heroes”, please watch the official blog post: https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/raiders-collection-event

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