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Apex Legends M has officially launched 5 things to know before entering the pit | Apex Legends Mobile

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Apex Legends M has officially launched 5 things to know before entering the pit | Apex Legends Mobile

5 things you must know before Apex Legends is officially launched|The mobile version of Apex Legends, the world-famous battle royale “chicken-eating” game “Apex Legends”, produced by Respawn Entertainment M (Apex Legends Mobile)” was released yesterday (May 17) on both iOS/Android platforms. Here are 5 things you must know before entering the pit.

The Hong Kong version is already playable, but it is difficult to play with players from other regions

Apex Legends Mobile will be released on May 17th in the world except Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Russia, Belgium. The Hong Kong version of the game is called “Apex Hero M”, which is different from “Apex Legends Mobile” in other regions; it should be like the relationship between “Honor of Kings” and “Arena of Valor”, the same game has different names in different regions/ Version.

Level Inifinite is also responsible for the distribution of Apex Hero M in Hong Kong, which is different from the direct management of EA in foreign countries.

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That is, 5 things you must know before watching Apex Legends M officially open and enter the pit:

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Regarding server selection: Apex Hero M is not like the home/PC version of Apex, you can freely choose the server region in the game, but is bound to the App Store / Google Play region; the service regions of the Hong Kong version probably include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and China, and if you want to play the Japanese server, you have to go to the Japanese App Store to download Apex Legends Mobile.

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If you want to play Apex Legends M in other regions, because Apex Legends Mobile in other regions has out-of-region IPs; if you really want to play, you can only use a VPN. The game itself has an Android version, and it is also an option to use an emulator on the computer and then connect to a VPN to go to other regions.

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The mobile version has a variety of sign-in activities with strong mobile game flavor

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There is no interoperability with the existing PC version of the completely independent data progress and no Crossplay

Apex Hero M and the current PC/home version of Apex are two completely independent games. The progress and items such as class gold and skin are not shared between the two, and they will not be connected across platforms. For those who are already heavy players of Apex, there may not be much incentive to play the mobile version (after all, Skin, etc. can not be used in the past); but if you are a new player, you can consider joining the mobile version and there is not much progress to follow. .

The mobile version currently has 8 heroes: Bloodhound, Lifeline, Bangalore, Octane, Gibraltar, Pathfinder, Evil Spirit, Corruption and Illusion, which are similar to the early character lineup of the PC/home version; The mobile version exclusive hero “Fade” Tanying.

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Mobile version of the hero Fade

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The firearms and props are relatively close to the current PC/home version. The sentinels, 30-30, electric submachine guns and other firearms that were added in the middle, as well as evolution armors, synthesizers, etc. are all installed, but there are no bows and arrows. The official also stated that it will continue to expand new heroes, maps, game modes and activities to diversify content, so that each season has a fresh experience.

Fade’s passive skill “Slipstream” can gain a short movement acceleration after sliding; the tactical skill “Flashback” can pull him back to the previous position through the dimensional space; the great “Phase Chamber” throws a reaction core, making the enemy hit Enter another dimension, unable to deal or take damage (but still move).

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