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Apex Legends M launches 4 must-learn skills to eat chicken easily|Apex Legends Mobile

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Apex Legends M launches 4 must-learn skills to eat chicken easily|Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends M has officially launched 5 things you must know before entering the pit|The mobile version of Apex Legends, a battle royale “chicken-eating” game “Apex Legends”, produced by Respawn Entertainment and popular all over the world M (Apex Legends Mobile)” was launched yesterday (May 17) on both iOS/Android platforms. Here are some game tips to help you “eat chicken” easily.

First, start with the settings and change it to improve the feel and make it easier to eat chicken

The first thing to do when playing a competitive mobile game is to start with the settings. There are so many settings that can be adjusted in this game. There are several settings that must be changed. First of all, the most important thing is FPS. Go to Settings -> Audiovisual -> FPS to change it. It must be adjusted to a high value, because the “standard” is only 30FPS, which is extremely difficult to aim and cannot be played at all. If the phone/tablet performance is not enough, even if you want to lower the picture quality, you should also increase the FPS.

It is basic to change the settings before opening

👉 Apex Legends M has officially launched 5 things you must know before entering the pit|Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Hero M Apex Legends Mobile officially launched 4 must-learn skills to eat chicken easily:

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Then there is the FOV (Field of View). Of course, the higher the better, the wider the field of view is more beneficial in most cases, but whether it can be fully opened depends on the performance of the device you are using. In terms of control mode, I personally recommend using “operation interface 2” + “fixed movement with the left hand, fixed firing with the right hand”, of course, it depends on their own habits.

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In terms of sensitivity, “Global Sensitivity Zoom” seems difficult to understand, but it actually refers to the normal lens speed. I feel that the preset 100 is a bit too slow, and I personally recommend adjusting it to 150. In addition, the sensitivity of the scope of each magnification can be adjusted independently, but unless there is a clear sense of violation, it is generally not necessary to adjust.

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It will be more comfortable to adjust the speed of the lens a little faster

Finally, in the “Custom Layout”, you can adjust the position of each button and UI in detail, and you can adjust it according to your own habits. If you are playing with a tablet, it is highly recommended to adjust the left Analog (mobile) to the lower left position for easy movement. After changing all the settings, you can use the shooting range (practice room) to test the feel.

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Basic Combat Skills & Powerful Characters/Weapons

The gameplay is basically the same as the PC/home version of Apex, just moved to the mobile phone; the basic combat experience and operation skills are also common to the PC version, such as try not to be besieged, enter the circle first if the situation permits, and always pay attention to guns in all directions sound etc. You can refer to the previous early Apex strategy or other online experience sharing.

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For the time being, the difference from the PC version is that the screen ratio of the mobile version is not very good. As long as the distance is a little farther, the enemy looks thinner, not to mention it is difficult to aim and shoot him and see him. Therefore, I feel that it is more beneficial to use a character ie with the ability to search for the enemy to mark the enemy bloodhound. In addition, the “Octane” and “Pathfinder” that can quickly approach the enemy are quite advantageous, because if they are not close to the enemy, they will not be able to shoot at all.

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It’s more of an eyesight test than a shooting game…

It is also recommended to actively pick up weapons with mid-range shooting capabilities and even sniper rifles, because when the enemy looks finer, it is an advantage to be able to use a higher magnification mirror; and many new players may not be used to the operation, often standing and shooting, It can also be easily hit with a sniper.

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Physical plug-in: hand switch

Finally, if you intend to play Apex Legends M seriously, it is highly recommended to use the hand control to play. The game supports hand control operation. Generally speaking, as long as it has Bluetooth function and can be paired with iPhone / iPad hand control, it can be used, such as Dual Shock 4 or Dual Sense.

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After using the hand control, no matter the angle of view, aiming or various movement operations, it is much more convenient and flexible than the touch control. Basically, the hand control must be pressed against the touchscreen player to play. Even if the hand switch is connected, the touch screen operation is still effective. The ideal type is that most of the operations are performed by the hand switch, and a few operations, such as when organizing a backpack, will be more convenient to use the touch screen.

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