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Apple, an iPhone 14 full of surprises: here are all the possible news

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Apple, an iPhone 14 full of surprises: here are all the possible news

The launch as usual will be in September. But for some time now there have been more or less documented and more or less reliable indiscretions about the next iPhone, the 14. Which should, as far as we understand, separating the wheat from the chaff in the inevitable jumble of information, represent an important generational leap.

First of all there will be four models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Two “large” and two medium-sized models. So goodbye to the iPhone Mini, with sales numbers obviously not sufficient to justify a new iteration, and above all already largely replaced by the latest generation iPhone SE.

Among the easy predictions there is obviously the presence of the new chip of the A series, or the A16 Bionic. Here the leap in performance should also be significant thanks to the important progress made by Apple in the development of its chips, such as the M1 series, from entry level to Ultra, used in the latest Macs. But above all, inside the A16 there will be most likely a much more advanced graphics unit and Neural Enginefor a simple reason: according to all the rumors, the iPhone 14 Pro (therefore two models, the Pro and the Pro Max), will have a new 48 megapixel camera and in all probability also a new front module Face ID + camera. And to manage the capabilities of these new optics, certainly summarized by other possibilities offered by the upcoming iOS 16 operating system, much more powerful graphics hardware (GPU) will be needed. In cascade, therefore, the power of the A16 Bionic will be relevant for both upcoming imaging apps and video games.

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iPhone SE 2022, the preview test

by Bruno Ruffilli

14 March 2022

Always the two Pro models should see disappear the “notch”, or the groove that in current iPhones houses FaceID, camera and headset. Instead of the notch there will be a very small separate space, and therefore more free screen area available. The display is expected to be 6.7-inch, OLED, with a resolution of 1.284 x 2.778. The Ram will probably start from 6 Gb for the base models (14 and 14 Max) and from 8 Gb for the Pro and Pro Max. The storage will start from 128 Gigabyte for the base and will reach up to 1 Terabyte for the Pro. One detail on which there is still some haze is the connector. It is still not clear whether Apple will keep its Lightning standard or switch to Usb-C, if not really to Usb-4. It is not impossible to think here too of a division by models, that is Lightning on the basic models and Usb-C on the Pros. But we are totally in the field of hypotheses.

Obviously all the hardware news will come together with the new possibilities offered by the next software, or iOS16. The new operating system will be unveiled at Apple’s upcoming Worldwide developer conference, scheduled for June 6. And when Cupertino reveals what iOS16 can do, we will probably understand more about the next iPhones. What is certain is that, given the importance of the iPhone and related services in Apple’s quarterly reports, the next generation will have to amaze once again.

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