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Apple Fitness + updates with collections to choose workouts

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Landed in Italy last November 4th, Apple Fitness+ updates with new tools to train in a more fun and versatile way. But also to optimize the search time for the right sessions for your goals. Apple’s fitness and wellness platform designed around Apple Watch features launches Collections e Let’s run, available from today.

In the first case, it is a series of meditations and workouts taken from the rich Fitness + library and organized in a strategic way, to help the user reach a goal. Until now, in fact, it was necessary to dig between disciplines and libraries and choose independently. Collections are now a bit like playlists in music streaming apps, we can see them this way. Running, on the other hand, is an audio experience specifically dedicated to runners to help them improve and stay consistent, with popular routes in some of the most famous cities in the world.

“We know that every year, many people are looking for new ways to achieve their goals. With these innovations it is even easier to find the right energy and stay active anywhere with Fitness +, thanks to the largest library of quality and diversified contents to train the mind and body, regardless of the experience and the level from which you start “has explained Jay Blahnik, Apple’s vice president of Fitness Technologies during a press meeting.

Also from today on the platform is available the third season of Stroll with guests like Rebel Wilson, Bernice A. King and Hasan Minhaj, and new workouts of the “Featured Artists” series with music by Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Shakira and gods Beatles.

Collections, to train better

Let’s start with the Collections. Drawing on nearly a thousand studio workouts and guided meditations will provide a new way of finding the right motivation – and the right program – at the start of each session. These selections, each with one specific illustrated cover and a color that sets them apart, they will include a series of recommended activities to help the user make targeted choices in training for the following weeks or days. At launch, these will be available six collections:

  • 30 days of Core training
  • Improve your posture with pilates
  • Perfect yoga balance postures
  • Run your first 5km
  • Strengthen your back, loosen your hips
  • Relax for better sleep

We run, tailor-made routes in the cities

Let’s run is one instead new sonic experiential adventure designed to help runners be more consistent and do more and better: each episode is dedicated to a popular route in some of the most important metropolises and offers motivating indications and advice offered by well-known and appreciated Fitness + trainers including Emily Fayette , Jamie-Ray Hartshorne, Sam Sanchez and Scott Carvin, and new entry Cory Wharton-Malcolm. Each playlist is calibrated based on intensity, location and coaching, trying to reflect the spirit of the city in which you run. Among other things, during the Runs sessions the trainer will send the Photo of beautiful or meaningful glimpses taken along the route, shots that will then be available in the training summary and can be saved in your personal photo library or shared with other people.

They will be available at launch three episodes of We run: London, con Cory Wharton-Malcolm; Brooklyn, with Emily Fayette; And Miami Beach, with Sam Sanchez. A new episode will be made available every Monday. Runs sessions can of course be followed outdoors or indoors on a treadmill, and the episodes will be available in the Workout app on Apple Watch for those with a Fitness + subscription. For those who use Apple Watch and are in a wheelchair, Corriamo offers the Outdoor Sustained Rhythm workout.

We stroll, get up from the chair thanks to inspiration

Finally comes the third season of Stroll, a motivating audio experience on Apple Watch designed to help people stay on the move by encouraging them to walk more often. As? Accompanying them with the stories, anecdotes, musical preferences and photos of some of the most interesting and influential characters in the world in many fields, from sport to music to fashion: to date there are 41 guests including Dolly Parton, Anthony Joshua, Jane Fonda, Randall Park, Camila Cabello, Naomi Campbell, Ruby Bridges, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Bebe Rexha. Recently Prince William also closed the second season talking about the importance of keeping the mind trained. With the start of the third season, new guests will be added on a weekly basis. Starting from January 10, users and users can for example walk in the company of the actress, writer and producer Rebel Wilson. Then the following protagonists will arrive:

  • Bernice A. King, attorney, minister and CEO of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, the youngest daughter of Luther King and his wife Coretta Scott King;
  • Hasan Minhaj |, comedian, writer and producer known for his extras on “The Daily Show” and his award-winning series “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj.”
  • Chris Meloni, actor best known for his role in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”;
  • Ay? Tometi, human rights activist, strategist and writer known for being co-founder of the “Black Lives Matter” movement;
  • Chelsea Handler, comedian, former host of “The Chelsea Handler Show” and author of six best sellers;
  • Sugar Ray Leonard, former professional boxer, Olympic gold medalist, inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“In difficult times like these, Passeggiamo not only serves to promote the movement but, ultimately, a make people feel a little less alone and to inspire them with important or emblematic stories ”explained the always crackling Blahnik during the launch. “Artists we know for their songs or their works offer in these spaces a slightly different, and unprecedented, point of view on their life”. The contents of Passeggiamo e Corriamo (in this case to a lesser extent, the bulk in that case is made up of the tailor-made soundtrack) are only available in English, to be honest, a simple to understand English spoken by all the trainers, fluent and well articulated, which can bring even those who feel frightened closer.

The training with the artists is also enriched

In reality there is a further novelty: Fitness + will enrich the series “Featured artist”With new workouts to the rhythm of the music of Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Shakira and the Beatles. Every Monday for four weeks, new workouts of all kinds will be available with songs by these artists – bike, dance, hiit, muscle strengthening or yoga – will appear in the service in different ways.

How much does Apple Fitness + cost

Fitness+ costa 9.99 euros per month The 79.99 per year. But it is included in the Apple One Premium plan which, where available, also offers access to Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and iCloud + with 2TB of storage for € 28.95 per month and can be shared with up to you are familiar.


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