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Apple iPad mini 6 has another problem: a system update prevents charging | XFastest News

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Apple iPad mini 6 has another problem: a system update prevents charging | XFastest News

In Apple’s product line, the iPad is a product that cannot be ignored, leading the overall trend of the tablet market to a large extent. Therefore, many people are particularly concerned about the news about iPad products and the problems that arise in them.
Recently, the iPad mini 6, which has been released for nearly a year, has problems again. After updating the system, it cannot be charged, which has caused many users to be very troubled.

It is understood that some users have recently reported in the Apple support forum and other communities that their iPad mini 6 cannot be charged after updating to iPadOS 15.5.
Even after replacing the charger and charging cable, charging still cannot be achieved. For users who report similar charging problems, Apple’s suggestion is to “restart.” However, this measure does not completely solve the problem.
Users later reported that after restarting or resetting, the iPad mini 6 will still have the problem repeatedly. This method is undoubtedly a temporary solution.

At present, Apple has responded to the problem, saying that the root cause of the problem is the latest version of the iPad system, not the hardware itself, and even replacing the battery cannot completely solve the problem.
Relevant technicians have also been testing iPadOS 15.6, and the subsequent updated version will completely solve the problem of inability to charge.
Regarding this iPad mini 6, there have been many user feedback before: in the state of vertical screen use, when the screen is dragged up and down, the screen has obvious displacement from right to left out of synchronization phenomenon, the so-called “jelly screen” .

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The problem is mainly related to the hardware, and Apple has also solved the problem later. As for the current problem of inability to charge, users don’t need to worry too much, and the problem will naturally be solved after the next version update.
Users who have not yet updated can choose not to update the system and turn off automatic updates to prevent the iPad from automatically updating the system at night.


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