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Apple is fruitless, Tony Fadell crushes Vision Pro

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Apple is fruitless, Tony Fadell crushes Vision Pro

Among those who have tried Vision Pro, many think that this viewer is the beginning of something great, but they also hope that spatial computing can become a great leap, better if without a viewer stuck on their faces: while praises and doubts alternate, here comes the complete slating of Tony Fadell, legendary engineer, famous for being the father of the iPod i and for having founded Nest, to then sell it to Google for 3.2 billion dollars.

Tony Fadell has his say on the Apple headset by answering a question on Twitter. First of all, the dad of the iPod as a good engineer is enthusiastic about technology and hardware «Apple Vision Pro is a technological Tour de Force – really impressive hardware» however, numerous criticisms, or rather slams, follow.

Fadell points out the many inconsistencies already emerged in the post Keynote 2023: Apple shows the viewer that allows you to do everything that Mac, iPhone and iPad can already do, including a lot of functions for the end user – consumer of movies, photos, video games and the web, of course you can also use it for work. The device is Pro with many consumer features, while the price is truly professional. Here is Fadell’s post translated.

Apple evaluated the full-screen iPod nano before the iPhone

“But with consumer apps and marketing $3,500 with 2-hour battery life, Apple has really ‘jumped the shark’. The way of dire is quoted by Fadell: in Italian, jumping the shark has no meaning of course, as for any idiom and idiomatic phrase translated and transported into another language.

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In Italian it can be rendered with the beginning of the end, being fruitless, having no more ideas, the apex point of success from which the decline begins, the final parabola and so on.

The origin is curious because jumping the shark is a saying born with the third episode of the fifth season of the legendary 70s television series Happy Days. One of the protagonists, the legendary Fonzie Arthur Fonzarelli, played by Herry Winkler, juggling water skis jumps obstacles and even a shark.

Apple Vision Pro, another world together with ours is possible

The term was coined by critic Jon Hein to indicate the moment in which a TV series or a film saga, after having reached its peak, begins to reduce the level of quality, losing likelihood and also the interest of fans (wikipedia) . In a second post Tony Fadell it needs further the shot by explaining that his criticism is not due to the two hours of battery life.

“The apps and marketing discourse are awful even though they had 24 hour battery life…. This is not a panacea.” Finally, the final thrust «Platforms do not become useful products. Useful products become platforms…» from which we learn that for Tony Fadell Vision Pro is not a product, a useful device.

Another prominent criticism of Vision Pro comes from Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook – Meta.

An era ends with Phil Schiller

to know more

All the news from WWDC 2023 they are summarized on this page of our website: for everything there is to know about the Vision Pro viewer, refer to this in-depth analysis. If you want to browse instead feature articles are available in the dedicated WWDC 2023 section.

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