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Apple Music has landed on PS5

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Apple Music on PS5

Spotify is no longer the only music streaming service that can be used on PlayStation 5. Earlier Apple Music also officially landed on Sony’s next-generation console platform. In fact, PS5 is also the first console to support Apple Music. Starting today, players who subscribe to this service will be able to listen to songs, watch 4K MVs, or use playlists, radio, live broadcast, today’s hot and other functions on PS5. Even during the game, you can open it as background music.

To enable background playback, players need to press the PS button on the handle to open the control center during the game, and then select the music function. Apple Music will provide recommended music that matches the running game. Of course, players can also choose their own music library. And if you switch to the game while enjoying the MV, the audio will not be interrupted but will automatically continue to play in the background.

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In fact, Apple Music is already the second Apple app to land on PS5 after Apple TV. It can be seen that the Sony console still weighs heavily in Apple’s mind.

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