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Apple takes spyware company Pegasus to court

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Apple has filed a lawsuit against Nso Group, an Israeli company that produces surveillance software, for “flagrant” violation of its software, as well as of state and federal laws. “Apple’s lawsuit is intended to prevent NSO Group from further harming people by using Apple products and services,” the company said in a statement. That it “is also claiming compensation for NSO Group’s blatant violations of US federal and state regulations resulting from its targeting and attacking activities against Apple and its users.”

It is the second such lawsuit against Nso, following the one filed by Facebook in 2019 in defense of its WhatsApp users, and represents another move by a private company to try to stop the spying activities of governments and the companies they supply. they have the tools to do it. Apple, for the first time, wants the Nso Group to be held accountable for spying on its users. In addition, “to prevent future abuse and harm to its users, Apple will require a permanent injunction to prohibit the Nso Group from using any Apple software, service or device.”

Apple goes into great detail: “The Nso Group creates sophisticated state sponsored surveillance technologies (commissioned by state actors) that allow its highly targeted spyware to monitor victims. These attacks target a very limited number of users and involve several platforms, including iOS and Android “. Their most famous software is called Pegasus and allows access to the activities of the infected device, but also to the camera, microphone, photos, location, text messages, e-mails and calls without the victim realizing it. It would have been used by several governments to gain access to the phones and other devices of journalists, activists and political rivals. The government of Bahrain also used it to spy on the phones of nine political opponents.

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