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Apple Watch Series 7, the proof: the difference is there and it shows

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The seventh generation of the Apple Watch arrives on the wearable device market, now more than mature and indeed, in full expansion thanks to the very important numbers that the Apple has reached with its Watch. And like every year, it stands as a reference product for the entire wearable technology sector. Rather predictably, this time too it succeeds, thanks to some well-defined innovations that affect the body of the watch, on all the new and larger display and to the features of WatchOS 8, the latest release of the operating system, which of this new device exploits every technical opportunity.

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Watch Series 7 to the test
We have tested the seventh generation of the Apple watch in all contexts in which the device is applied, with a greater focus on the latest features and deepening the updates of those already known. First of all, the Series 7 wrist – the model we tested was a 45mm aluminum – gives an immediately different feel than the previous series, but at the same time familiar. This is because the larger display that now almost wraps around the edges of the chassis is immediately noticeable: a millimeter more than the 44 of the other Series may seem negligible but in reality it means about 20% more space on the screen (50% compared to to Series 3). And therefore by direct translation, the same percentage of usability more. The Series 7 OLED display now has a 1.90-inch diagonal against the 1.78 of the Series 6, with a resolution reaching 396×484 pixels compared to the previous model’s 368×448 (312×390 in Series 3). Numbers that at this level of scale, even if they seem small, mean a lot. A simple example: the extra space now allows you to have an alphanumeric keyboard on the Watch screen, which can also be used in swipe mode, tracing words. The larger and more enveloping display is the feature that differentiates this Series 7 from the previous ones and it is not just a detail because the user experience benefits immediately. The new display is definitely a leap forward and with the same battery consumption, the “always on” screen is now brighter. But it’s not just the aesthetics that change: there is more space for content, which becomes much more readable, a notable improvement, especially in messaging and maps, and in the interfaces that gain usability. In short, the difference is there and it shows (well).

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On the other hand, much of the technology inside the Watch 7 is very similar to that of the Series 6, reengineered for the new form factor. The now classic features remain such as the ECG electrocardiogram, the monitoring of cardiac activity which on more than one occasion has proved to be a lifesaver for users, the very useful fall detection system and other health utilities such as the convenient blood oxygen measurement and warning in case of exposure to excessive noise. All system features, efficient and simple to use, certainly among the main reasons why the Watch makes the sales volumes it does (high) on the market today.

The other news are essentially related to the use of the Watch as a “companion” of every possible daily activity, and the one that seems more important to us is called fast recharge. The power circuit of the Watch 7 has been redesigned and in the box there is a new USB-C charging support, faster. In terms of practical use it means that the Watch 7 recharges from zero to 80% in about 45 minutes (real test: 81% in 46 minutes) and therefore – finally – can be fully used for sleep monitoring without fear of having to leave the house with a dead battery. It is an important qualitative leap because in all the functions that involve intensive use of the sensors and the Watch chip, the optimization of energy consumption is now essential. In our test, Series 7 was fully discharged three times and three more times up to 20%, in this second case recovering between 97 and 100% in three quarters of an hour of charging. In short, reality corresponds to the company’s statements, we will see over the long distance the behavior and resistance of the battery to fast charging, even with the growing spread of eSim, 4G-enabled Watches will presumably be increasingly used as primary communication tools. But to save a little there is obviously the GPS / Wifi only version.

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And speaking of resistance, the other notable features of this new edition of the Watch are, in order of importance, the IP6X classification, which means that the Watch 7 can be worn in practically any situation, IP6X is the highest possible degree of resistance. to dust. There remains the WR50 rating which certifies the Series 7 resistant up to 50 meters deep and together with the new display crystal, Apple declares 50% thicker at its highest point. Given the already excellent endurance performance of the previous models, these increases can only be welcome on a device that becomes part of the body and therefore must be able to go where we go, always, and resist as best as possible in any stressful situation.

For a device with which you basically enter into symbiosis, it is essential that the apps dedicated to the body are flawless and in this sense the Watch is a platform that at the moment has no equal in the world, also because next to the most classic training trackers for physical activities also arrive specific functions dedicated to breathing and meditation, the latter an activity contained in the Apple Fitness + service and which makes the Watch the connection point between the video sessions and the user.

The key word to understanding the Apple Watch Series 7 is usability. The larger and more capable display and fast charging, combined with the updates in this sense offered by WatchOS 8, fully define the product. It is an iterative update, there is no generational leap in the actual technical capabilities, so much so that the Soc and the performance are the same as the Series 6, but the point of this edition is not so much how much more it can do, but how it can do them better of previous Series. In this sense Series 7, since it maintains the prices of the 6, is a product of indisputable level, the simple navigation for example with the GPS maps, now much more visible, make it a more capable device. Aesthetically, the variants of the Watch Series 7 are the already known aluminum, steel and titanium; the aluminum versions have new colors including the forest green of the test model. The chassis go from 40/44 mm variants to 41/45, but the straps of the previous editions remain compatible. There are also new ones for Hermès models, with prices as always more than premium. The Series 7 starts at 439 euros (41 mm aluminum) and then grows in relation to the material and size of the case. The SE (basically a “re-shelled” Series 5) from € 309 and the Series 3 from € 229 remain in the list, a presence in the list that can only be explained by the need to have an entry level just over two hundred euros, but for 80 euros of difference the SE is a decidedly more performing model does not have the ECG and the oxygen detection but has the fall sensor and, simply, offers a better experience.

In any case, if you do not have an Apple Watch or are Series 5, SE or earlier users, in our opinion the Series 7 is a purchase to be considered, in light of the fact that the product is now tested and without problems, the performance leap is there. is and the product is an evolution in every area. In reality, the jump would also be valid from Series 6 if only for the new display which actually greatly improves the experience, even if at the performance level 6 and 7 are overlapping, usability improves with apps designed for the new screen. For those who do not have a Watch and do not need the most advanced functions such as the electrocardiogram or the pulse oximeter, the SE model is the meeting point between performance and price. And at the moment, even if there has not been a leap forward in terms of pure power or sensors in this generation, Apple Watch Series 7 is confirmed at the top of the wearables on the market.

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