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Apple’s small developer ecosystem is still growing

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Apple’s small developer ecosystem is still growing

Who are the developers who have produced almost two million apps for Apple’s stores and generated 260 billion dollars since 2008, when the store wanted by Steve Jobs for the iPhone was born? Today there are 1.8 billion active Apple devices worldwide which, according to independent research conducted by Analysis Group on behalf of Apple, are continuing to grow. Especially the smaller ones.

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In fact, according to the research “Spotlight on Small Business & App Creators on the App Store” more than 90% of the developers present in the App store are small or very small companies, often a single developer. But they do not follow an illusion, as much as one concrete opportunity. In fact, research shows that children who sell their apps or who require other forms of payment (subscriptions or in-app purchases) grew by 113% from 2019 to 2021.

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By “small”, the search means those that have made less than a million dollars or have had less than a million downloads (but excluding those with less than a thousand downloads per year). They are 24% in Europe, 23% in China, 14% in the US, 4.3% in Japan and the rest (34%) from other parts of the world, including Brazil, South Korea and India. And their number continues to grow: in Great Britain since 2019 they have increased by 40% and in Germany by 25%.

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Apple supports the growth of this broad ecosystem, starting with the Small Business App Store program, aimed precisely at children: “We continue to invest heavily – he said Christopher Moser, Apple senior director of the App Store in Europe – to provide developers with the tools they need to build, test, market and distribute their products in 175 countries and over 40 languages, with over 180 local payment methods and 45 accepted currencies. ”

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It is a testament to Apple’s ingenuity and its ability to create an ecosystem that allows even children to move in a globalized world: as Moser recalls, in fact, the work of the App Store is simplify complexity focusing on the goodness of their app and without having to deal with the distribution or administrative aspects of hundreds of different payment methods and currencies.

Among other things, in the face of such a rich ecosystem, it should also be remembered that only developers whose apps produce a turnover pay off. On the other hand, those who decide to leave it available for free, take advantage of the same distribution platform and support but without paying any fees. Currently they are 85% of the developers present in the Apple store.

And what role does Italy play in this ecosystem? With us Apple, which is celebrating forty years of official presence in our country in these weeks, has created a very rich ecosystem. From the establishment of the Developer Academy in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples and the Campania region to direct support for more than 50 developers through the App Store Foundations Program, supporting more than 85 thousand jobs especially in small companies (in Europe are about 2.2 million jobs in all, up 7% year on year).

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The over two thousand students trained in Naples when they left theAcademy receive at least 45 job offers. “Unlike other countries – says Moser – in Italy the developers are not concentrated only in one area, but are present in many smaller regions and centers”. It is a peculiarity of the Italian market compared to other countries where “valleys” are born in which most of the talents that we find in Lombardy as in Puglia, in Tuscany as in Campania and Piedmont are concentrated. “An important recognition of Italian talent and style for development – says Moser – comes from the awards won in your country: from AirMail 3 to Bear. The excellent design stands out. We give relatively few awards but the presence of Italian developers is a recognition of their skill ”.

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