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April Warm Spring Thanksgiving Festival Let Google and Miko warm you all spring – Page 1 – Google Discussions

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April Warm Spring Thanksgiving Festival Let Google and Miko warm you all spring – Page 1 – Google Discussions
[Source / Miko mobile phone hall]

In Tainan, Kaohsiung and Chiayi miko mobile phone halls, all stores will hold the Google Warm Spring Appreciation Festival in April. We invite you to join us!

The first Google event
Warm Spring Appreciation Festival in April, thank you for your support of the Goolge Pixel series, from now until 2022/04/30, go to any store in the miko mobile phone hall to buy the Goolge Pixel 6 (128G / 256G) model, and get the original model Factory 30W USB charger and a set of spar tempered military specification shell.

Mike found that the Goolge Pixel 6 does not come with a charging head in the box, but if the charging speed is not fast enough with a non-USB-C travel charger, your voice is heard by Mike, and now buy the Goolge Pixel 6 series , just give the original 30W fast charge for free, with the USB-C to Type-C transmission cable in the box, the charging efficiency can be greatly improved.

Of course, the new mobile phone cannot lack a protective case that is anti-collision and fall-resistant. The spar tempered military-standard case is transparent and beautiful, which can fully display the color of the mobile phone and provide a good covering effect. Don’t miss the warm spring Thanksgiving event in April. Buying the Goolge Pixel 6 series will bring back all the warm gifts, as long as you pick up the goods at any Miko mobile phone, take a photo and upload it to Google Map to check in and leave a five-star praise, you can easily get started!

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Second Google event
4/23 (Sat) One-day limited plus size event, designated on the day at miko Mico and Italian flagship store, start Goolge Pixel 6 or Goolge Pixel 6 Pro series models, and then send a practical and exquisite gift, double gift is the best understand you!

The third Google event
Google series of selected products thanks to the discount, allowing you to easily enjoy audio and video entertainment, simple control of smart home, Google Nest Hub smart speaker (second generation), Mi Ke thanks to the price of 1,790 yuan; if you want to have a wireless headset with rich sound effects and affordable prices, Google Buds A Series wireless bluetooth earphones, Mike is priced at 1,890 yuan!

For the warm spring appreciation festival in April, come to Mi Ke to purchase the Goolge Pixel 6 series to make you feel warm in the sky and warm in the heart. It can also be matched with the Asia-Pacific 5G 999 monthly rental fee. The mobile phone starts from 0 yuan to take home, and the number of gifts is limited while supplies last!

> miko mobile phone hall: Discovery 4/23 event limited store Heyi flagship store
> miko mobile phone hall: find miko stores (all stores)
> miko mobile phone hall: ask miko customer service
> miko mobile phone hall: see miko official website

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