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Arduino raises capital of 32 million, also invests Bosch

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Arduino raises capital of 32 million, also invests Bosch

From training to large companies. From garages to the production chains of industry giants. Arduinoa company that makes open source cards for electronics projects, has collected 32 million dollars by Robert Bosch Venture Capital, the venture capital arm of Bosch, Renesas, Anzu Partners and Arm.

An investment that could mark a change of pace for the company. So far Arduino has built a strong community around its products, which have been used today for about 30 million users in the world. Its boards, which allow its software to move objects in the real world, have for over a decade enabled electronics enthusiasts to work easily on robotics, electronics and automation projects. But the company has also worked with schools, from middle to university, in about 80 nations.

Arduino first introduced millennials and then generation Z to the world of programming and electronics. Students, young people, who later became engineers and entered the world of work. And, according to the company, this is precisely the reason that led to the investment round by companies such as Bosch, Renesas, Anzu and Arm produce work tools, chips and microcontrollers. The pick, they explain, is the passage of generations that were formed with Arduino from schools to businesses.

Innovation Almanac – March 17, 2005

Massimo Banzi with two friends founds Arduino to allow everyone “to do wonderful things”

by Riccardo Luna

17 March 2022

Millennials and Generation Z enter the world of work

“The way companies solve contemporary challenges and identify new business opportunities is rapidly evolving and a new generation of engineers is joining the work school in increasing numbers,” he explains. Fabio Violante, CEO of Arduino. “With this investment,” he adds, “we will develop a new range of dedicated business solutions to kickstart this transformation,” he adds.

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Today 63% of the world population is Millennials or born in Generation Z. It is therefore between 18 and 40 years old. And according to a study published by Engineering, “workplace flexibility, communication between teams and the technological limitations of current design tools” are among the major concerns of young engineers of these generations. For the company, Arduino boards meet this need. And it confirms what is now a tradition in the history of society: working towards the formation of the new generations.

Arduino: from a coffee in Ivrea to Bosch, the role of education

Arduino was born in 2005. The first steps were taken within the Interaction design institute in Ivrea. A café in the city gave the company its name, theAncient Arduino café. The very first cards were created within the institute, designed by one of the co-founders of the company, Massimo Banzi, with the aim of helping design students to open up to the world of electronics and technology to improve their solutions.


18 May 2015 Faggin inaugurates “Make in Italy” in Milan, 50 years of Italian innovation

by Riccardo Luna

18 Maggio 2022

Today the company is based in Lugano, collaborates with institutes in different countries, but the mission remains the same: “The new generation of engineers has grown up using Arduino boards in Stem programs all over the world and have become accustomed to accessibility, simplicity and the power of the company’s open-source hardware, software and cloud services, “he commented Wide, who is now president and CEO of the company. “Now they are bringing these needs into the company, entering the world of work.”

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The transition to industrial production

From the Ivrea design institute, Arduino’s network of collaborations has expanded. He today he works with Arm, Google, Bosch, Intel. Ingo Ramesohlchief executive of Bosch’s venture capital arm, acknowledges that “Arduino has an unprecedented worldwide developer community” and that the company “is successfully growing beyond the prototyping industry to become the primary enabler of IOT ( Internet of things, or Internet of things, ed) industrial.

Also Chris Allexandre, vice president of Renesas Electronic, underlines this generational shift of Arduino, which “has the unique opportunity to expand its already strong community of engineers to include the business market”, so much so that it has the potential to “become a disruptive business platform. “. 2005, 2022: 17 years to move from schools to businesses. Next is the year of maturity.

Massimo Banzi: “I will teach digital education to 50-year-olds”

Jaime D’Alessandro

07 November 2018

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