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Are Oranges a Cold Remedy? Here is the truth

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Are Oranges a Cold Remedy?  Here is the truth

Citrus fruits, which are part of the plant group of the family Citrus, are unquestionably useful and very important for carrying out many “roles” within the human diet, as they are fruits with a high nutritional value. Among the most recognized and culturally perceived “grandmother’s remedies” as true, the remedy of oranges against colds can only be mentioned as perceived as “true”.

Are Oranges a Cold Remedy? Here is the truth

The role of oranges is in fact considered “preventive” against the typical seasonal ailments, particularly in winter, as the vitamins and mineral salts would in fact be an excellent protection against colds and flu. But it’s true?

Basically yes, even if this is certainly attributable to the rich intake of vitamin C (more than 60 mg per 100 grams of product) which however is not the highest among the foods used (for example currants or peppers are even richer), even if given their nature (they can be used as juice or as solid food), they are absolutely suitable for consumption.

However oranges, especially those widespread in the Mediterranean are particularly suitable for preventing seasonal ailments also because they are rich in water, always useful for combating and counteracting water retention.

It is also important to consider the low calorie content of these citrus fruits which allows (obviously you don’t need to add sugar) to be able to consume this food with a certain “freedom”.

Since it is a common product throughout the Mediterranean area, it is good to opt for the right orange, remembering that the size highlights the sweetness of the product (the bigger it is, the sweeter it will be) and the one really suitable for consumption must not have a glossy and too smooth skin, while the ideal one is heavy and has a firm and taut skin.

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Even the attached leaves are a good sign of ripeness and freshness as they certainly indicate a product in the right state for consumption.

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