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Are these symptoms of Covid? How to tell if you have it or not

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Are these symptoms of Covid?  How to tell if you have it or not

Can’t tell if they are the symptoms of a simple and classic flu or if it’s Covid? How to tell if you have it or not

Two years after the outbreak of the world pandemic, there are still several cases from Covid-19 that we see growing around us. To this day, it is still important to pay due attention and take the right precautions to avoid contagion. Although the mask is no longer a mandatory protective device in many places, protecting yourself in the right way is still essential to avoid ending up in quarantine and isolation.

Covid Symptoms or Flu? (Credits: Adobe)

Of course, it certainly seems that some time has passed since that difficult period in which it seemed to us that we were catapulted into the times of cholera. However, it is impossible not to mention the great impact that Sars-Covid19 has had on each of us. Although the troubled times seem to have passed, we still hear about it increase in cases due to infections. It is still very easy contract the covid nowadays. However, i symptoms they often get confused with what would commonly be recognized as a ‘normal flu’. So many times the right precautions are not taken, we do not undergo the swab because we neglect what could be the signs of a possible contagion. But how to understand if it is Covid or not? These are the symptoms we should pay attention to the most.

How to understand if they are the symptoms of Covid

You don’t know if you actually got covid or got a ‘simple’ flu? May it be Covid or influence it must be said that staying indoors in the summer, especially before a departure, is never the best. However, we can make sure it is flu by first having a rapid and / or molecular swab. The result of the swab is in fact able to attest to our unfortunate positivity or our fortunate negativity. But before we even decide to swab ourselves, there are a few symptoms that turn out to be real bells of alarm who tell us that we have been reached by Covid-19. How to recognize the symptoms?

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symptoms of covid
Covid or Influenza: Symptoms (Credits: Adobe)

Although there has been talk of the existence of different variants of Covid-19, there are nevertheless some symptoms that would unite the same and would help us to distinguish the infection from a trivial flu. First of all, muscle aches would be persistent. While these are certainly not ruled out in a simple flu, persistent muscle aches could be one of the symptoms indicating Covid contagion. But not only. One of the most common symptoms that we still hear about today is the loss of taste and smell, really terrible. Exhaustion, nausea and stomach ache, can be traced back to one and the other category, but they are symptoms that never occur when we have only a simple cold.

However, there is also another factor to consider that would not always help us distinguish Covid from a simple cold. That is, in subjects with a complete vaccination course, it is possible that one can contract the covid although in a milder form sometimes attributable to a simple cold.

The advice, therefore, is as always to undergo a tampon so as to dispel any doubts and concerns.

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