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are they safe for health? What you need to know

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are they safe for health?  What you need to know

Quality of vegan burgers: are they safe for health? What you need to know about an expanding market.

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Eat well and in a balanced way it is the goal that each of us should set ourselves, for to live better and in a healthy way. Undoubtedly, the choice to espouse the cause ofvegan nutrition, from this point of view, it has many advantages. It has as many to eliminate or drastically reduce them in one’s diet red meats. But these two choices are really enough to live better and above all we are sure that i veg burger are they really healthy? Let’s clarify one aspect, before delving into some case studies. Eating vegan is certainly good, what should be avoided is the use of overly processed foods.

What to know about the food risks associated with vegan burgers


For this, Dr. Aseem MalhotraBritish cardiologist author of numerous scientific publications, some time ago – according to the tabloid The Sun – warned against eat vegan burgers predominantly. His advice – it should be reiterated – refers exclusively to this type of product. Indeed on this product purchased in certain places. According to his studies, in fact, i vegan and vegetarian meals in fast food chains “They are more likely to give you a heart attack than meat burgers.”

The cardiologist analyzed the major fast food chains and the burgers they have on their menus. THE four most harmful to health are all classified as vegan or veggie. Dr. Malhotra warned people of don’t be fooled from the common belief that vegan or vegetarian is always healthy since it is about “ultra elaborate” meals. Many contained high levels of refined carbohydrates and low levels of protein. Precisely proteins protect against high levels of insulinthe main trigger in heart attacks. In many of these meals sold in fast food restaurants, high levels of sugar and saltbeyond “toxic oils“.

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These are vegetable or industrial seed oils, such as sunflower, soy or corn. His thesis is shared by other experts. These invite you to choose other products compared to veg burgers or alternatively to prepare salt in home. Not only that: we must also consider what has happened on several occasions in our country. Several times, vegan burgers for sale in supermarkets have been recalled or withdrawn from the market. In a striking case, because it was contained in dozens of lots on sale in various large retail chains ethylene oxide. It is a believed dangerous pesticide carcinogenic and which has also been found in other plant products, such as beverages.

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