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Are you on a diet but gaining weight? Be careful when you eat fruit

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Are you on a diet but gaining weight?  Be careful when you eat fruit

Does eating fruit after meals make you fat? It’s a question that many have asked themselves, the experts have finally revealed the mystery: here’s what should be done.

Most people have had the food education to eat fruit to enjoy good health. And so far everyone agrees that most diets suggest taking five portions of food a day. The doubt, however, is whether to consume a part of these portions after lunch or after dinner.

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The fruit it is an essential element in the daily diet of every person due to its presence of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients. In addition to being very good and tasty, it is rich in nutrients and healthy, it is no coincidence that all scientific studies reveal that it is a fundamental food, especially at a cardiovascular and neuro-cognitive level, as is also explained on the Gazzetta dello Sport.

The reality, however, is that not everyone knows when to consume it and above all if eat fruit after meals principals makes you fat or makes digestion difficult. Some people argue that these foods, when added to lunch or dinner, can ferment and cause abdominal swelling, but the scientific community does not share this theory.

Does eating fruit after meals make you fat? Word to the experts

The scientific community has resolved the question regarding the myth according to which fruit makes you fat if eaten during main meals and therefore if taken with proteins and other carbohydrates. Experts have pointed out that everything mixes inside the stomach, and then completely empties around 6 hours and it seems that there is no advantage in consuming the fruits away from lunch.

To tell the truth, according to experts, fruits, combined with other foods, would facilitate the assimilation of nutrientsas stated on the Gazzetta dello Sport. For those who experience bloating, gas, excessive acceleration of intestinal transit or a feeling of heaviness when eating fruit after meals, it could be because they suffer from some digestive pathology such as hiatal hernia or irritable bowel syndrome, for this reason too much fiber contained in fruit could be a problem.

But for those who don’t have any relevant pathology or any particular annoyance, they can safely eat fruit after lunch. For those suffering from gastric reflux, they may opt to consume these foods as well antipasto, therefore before the main meals. In general, the recommended consumption is the one that goes from a minimum of two or three portions a day, up to a maximum of five.

For people who have some intestinal problems or simply want to strengthen their bacterial flora, experts recommend eat these foods that protect the intestines and they are very good for the health of each of us.

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