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Art for the environment through digital

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Art for the environment through digital


Google Arts & Culture turns 10

by Sveva Alagna

On demand and in original version: cinema in the age of streaming

by Sveva Alagna

Insidious Rising ”is a project developed with theaid ofartificial intelligence from the collective of artists Hyphen Labs, in collaboration with the Union of Concerned Scientists, who have operated a speculative exploration based on the progressively harmful effects of melting glaciers. Based on the 2019 IPCC climate report – explains Carmen Aguilar y Wedge, founder of the design studio Hyphen Labs – the work investigates the consequences of sea level rise, global warming and cryosphere melting “. At the end of the experience it is possible to deal with the sustainable practices that some activists dedicate to the protection of the natural environment.

Lanother project, MRI of the Earth ”is an online experiment by the Turkish artist Refik Anadol, which covers the meteorological events linked to the climate, with the consequent effects linked to the modification of the landscape, from 1970 to today. With thewith the aid of Machine Learning, 69 million images from satellite data, the Earth is shown in 3D and in constant motion, through a temporal sequence that analyzes data on population, average temperature and CO2 levels. Users can also consult more than 200 million images of our naturalistic heritage – adds Refik Anadol – while particular visualizations of interactive images show the wonder of the place where we live ”.

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