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Artificial intelligence for the maintenance of public lighting

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Artificial intelligence for the maintenance of public lighting

Artificial intelligence at the service of citizens: the project developed with Hera Luce by the Ammagamma experts made it possible to move from an approach based on ordinary maintenance to one focused on predictive maintenance of all public lighting points in a municipality. The application for predictive maintenance created by Ammagamma was tested in a municipality of more than 200,000 inhabitants and 25,000 lighting points and, according to the statements of Alessandro Battistini, CEO of Hera Luce, “reduced the budget by 25%. allocated for ordinary maintenance. This compared to a 40% decrease in the risk of the support falling down compared to the way in which maintenance operations were carried out before “.

Innovation Almanac – January 28, 1807

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by Riccardo Luna

In particular, the Ammagamma experts have developed a set of prediction models based that take into account numerous factors and are able to provide forecasts on various indicators, such as the status of the lighting points and provide indications on the risks of failures. or breakages. Furthermore, the integration with external data, such as the presence of points of interest or the population density in the various areas of the municipal area, makes it possible to prioritize maintenance interventions, organizing the resources for inspections in the best possible way.

the interview

Because we need more women who deal with artificial intelligence

by Andrea Daniele Signorelli

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“The use of these techniques”, commented Andrea Bernardelli, Ammagamma Business Solution Manager “allowed Hera Luce to obtain highly detailed intervention priority maps, so as to optimize the costs associated with the verification of the lighting points”.

The relations of the AI ​​with the industrial system and the market

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