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Asl Lecce, extension of hospitalizations in social and health structures for elderly and disabled patients

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ASL Lecce has extended until the end of the year the admissions for about 1200 guests of all the social health structures or the Rsa, the Social Rehabilitation and RSSA communities for the disabled, the Day Centers and the Day Centers for patients with Alzheimer’s in the province of Lecce. The further extension was necessary to allow the conclusion of the regional accreditation process of all the social and health structures.

The Puglia Region has in fact established that, pending the contractualization, the taking in charge of the users hosted / attending the social and health structures can be extended with the recognition of the health quota until 31/12/2021. This is not the first extension: ASL Lecce, to ensure continuity of care for elderly patients who are already guests in the various social and health structures and to continue strengthening the offer of social and health services to non self-sufficient people, pending the contractualization of the Structures, has established the extensions for the same users first until 03/31/2021, subsequently until 06/30/2021 and, lastly, until 09/30/2021.

We want to guarantee the continuity of services in quality structures, in compliance with regional regulations and procedures, without damaging the health of the guests of the social and health structures, their serenity and that of their families. In this way the ASL intends to carry out what are the national and regional guidelines for the protection of people with mild or moderate non self-sufficiency and support for families, said the Director General Rodolfo Rollo.

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