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Asphyxiating heat and little hunger, what to eat to strengthen our body

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Asphyxiating heat and little hunger, what to eat to strengthen our body

Scorching heat can push people to eat less. Here is a list of fresh and nutritious foods for the summer.

Heat affects the body in many different ways. Many people love sunny summer afternoons, however, when temperatures reach a certain limit, it is necessary to take measures. The nutrients present in the blood, in fact, can undergo a drastic downsizing.

The mere idea of ​​going to the stove to cook a large meal becomes very unpleasant. Hunger can subside, and dieting alone seems more daunting than ever. Fortunately, there are fresh and ready-made foods that, without the use of pots or stoves, are able to provide essential nutrients.

The foods that cannot be missing in the summer: all the alternatives

The heat can become a formidable enemy. When temperatures start to rise, without any control, action must be taken quickly. Obviously, you can’t change the outside temperature, but you can choose to eat foods rich in nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

Low hunger can be a deterrentHowever, in the list in question, there are fresh, tasty and genuine foods that will be able to stimulate even the most reticent people.

The freshest foods of the summer – tantasalute.it

Here’s what can never be missing on your table in summer:

Peaches: contains a high quantity of mineral salts, such as magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. It helps the functioning of the nervous system and, thanks to the presence of few sugars, appears compatible with any diet. It provides a certain amount of vitamins, such as A and BWatermelon: this fruit, if eaten cold, can be really thirst-quenching. Sugars are few, while the quantities of water and vitamin B6 are considerablePlums: their size makes them easily transportable. They can be taken to the beach or on a trip to the mountains. They contain polyphenols, fibres, mineral salts and vitamin A. They represent a valid aid for the correct functioning of the intestineMelon: it’s a real summer must-have. It can never be missing during dinners with friends or family evenings. Inside, there are high amounts of vitamins B1, B2 and B3, iron, potassium and sodiumLoquats: their excellent taste is associated with the presence of important vitamins, such as A and C. There are many soluble fibers, necessary for the gastrointestinal systemLean fish: the presence of Omega 3 and the high content of phosphorus favor the functioning of the cognitive apparatus system and stimulate memory

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