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Asst Nord Milan permanent nurses competition

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Asst Nord Milan permanent nurses competition

“Permanent Nursing Competition, 20 Positions in Milan”

Published on 02-14-2024- Updated on 02-14-2024

In execution of resolution no. 33 of 16 January 2024, a public competition is announced based on qualifications and exams for the full-time and permanent coverage of 20 nursing positions in the Lombardy region of Italy. The announcement was published in the Regional Gazette and the selection process is currently in progress.

Specific admission requirements for the competition include a degree in Nursing or equivalent qualification, as well as registration with the professional association. Interested individuals are required to submit their applications for participation exclusively electronically, but are instructed to wait for publication in the Official Journal before doing so.

To prepare effectively for the competition, individuals are encouraged to consult the book “Competition Tests for Nurses.” The volume contains over 1600 questions with explanations and comments from leading experts, as well as numerous questions from official competitions and examples of “practical” tests. It is updated to the new 2019 code of ethics.

The competition presents an opportunity for individuals with the required qualifications to secure full-time and permanent nursing positions in the Lombardy region. The competition is expected to attract a large number of applicants, and those interested are advised to carefully review the specific admission requirements and prepare thoroughly for the competition.

For more information and to access exclusive insights and areas of the newspaper, as well as interaction, forum, and comments, individuals are encouraged to sign in to the publication’s website. Access to competitions, training material, and other reserved tools is also offered for free on the website.

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For further details and updates on the competition, individuals are encouraged to stay updated on the progress and publication dates through the Official Journal and the publication’s website.

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