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Astrazeneca, doubts about Camilla’s death. Parents: “He had no hereditary diseases”

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“Camilla had no hereditary diseases.” THE parents of Camilla Canepa, who died at 18 after receiving the first dose of Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) entrust their lawyer Angelo Paone with a few words and ask for their pain and privacy to be respected. Yet in the medical records those medical terms, familial autoimmune thrombocytopenia, are there. And this discrepancy, which is certainly not a small one, feeds doubts.

Camilla, who died at 18 after AstraZeneca: anamnestic certificate seized

The only sure thing is that Camilla died after receiving the first dose of AstraZeneca. But there are many doubts about his death, questions that can be partly resolved by the autopsy entrusted to two experts – the anatomopathologist Luca Tajana and the hematologist Franco Piovella, who will receive the assignment on Tuesday – but above all from the documentary material acquired by the Nas on behalf of the prosecutor.

Camilla died after AstraZeneca, organs donated: «A gesture of love». Flowers on the scooter, pain on Fb

The medical records taken from the Lavagna hospital and the Polyclinic San Martino di Genova would speak not only of familial autoimmune thrombocytopenia but also of the intake of estrogen-based drugs that are sometimes used precisely for patients with this type of pathology. It remains to be established whether the estrogen therapy followed by Camilla interfered with the vaccine by amplifying the risk of thrombus. Among the papers that the investigators want to examine there is also the anamnestic form that Camilla must have compulsorily filled out before having the vaccine inoculated. The document contains specific questions such as, for example, if the vaccinating person suffers from heart or lung disease, asthma, kidney disease, diabetes, anemia or other blood diseases and asks to specify drugs, natural supplements, vitamins, minerals or any alternative medicines that you are hiring.

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Did Camilla have familial autoimmune thrombocytopenia? Did he tell the vaccinators he was taking estrogen? All this had to be reported at the time of the medical history which is mandatory for those who have decided to vaccinate with both AstraZeneca’s Vaxzevria and Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine. The carabinieri of the Nas yesterday notified the ASL4 a decree showing and seizing the anamnestic certificate of Camilla, a certificate that is still – under seals – in the ASL archive and which will be delivered to the Nas on Monday. Until that moment there is no certainty that Camilla has “failed” to report the therapies she was following. But there is more.

Four days after receiving the vaccine dose, Camilla took two drugs, a progestin and an estrogen which, according to investigative sources, were used to reduce a gynecological problem.

Five days after taking the estrogen, Camilla began to experience a severe headache and was accompanied to the Lavagna hospital by her parents. A first tac would not have shown particular problems, according to what was learned by the investigators. In this case, the medical documentation, which will be examined by the prosecutor’s experts, will be decisive.

On June 5 Camilla is hospitalized again and a new CT scan reveals the cerebral cavernous sinus thrombosis. Transferred to San Martino and operated on, she dies on Thursday. And the magistrates want to understand why. Then they seized all the medical documentation but also the letter from the CTS regarding the Open Days and acquired the EMA report on the possibility of post-vaccination thrombosis in Camilla’s age group. The papers will speak and more. It is not excluded that the investigators want to hear the doctor who was treating the girl, Camilla’s parents (who, according to what reported by Repubblica, would have said “Camilla was healthy”), and perhaps also the technician who collected the anamnesis . Meanwhile, Codacons filed a complaint with the prosecutor asking to investigate Minister Speranza, Commissioner Figliuolo and the competent ASL for having authorized AstraZeneca in the age group of Camilla and has filed a class action.

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