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[Astrophysics]Gold comes from black holes?New research unearths the source of important elements-Hong Kong Economic Times-Real Time News Channel-iMoney-Financial Wisdom

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According to foreign media reports, a new paper published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society stated that the production of heavy elements such as gold, silver and uranium requires specific energy conditions, such as supernova explosions or neutron stars. Collision. The universe may have more ways to forge heavy elements than we thought. A black hole with a specific mass accretion disk created by the collision of two neutron stars produces a large number of heavy elements in the universe, including gold.

The heavy elements on the earth are not original to the earth, but are produced by various events in the universe, such as the explosion of stars, the merger of neutron stars, etc. However, the specific generation process is not clear. The new research has theoretically ascertained part of this process: the black hole produced by the collision of two neutron stars, if the mass of the accretion disk around it is not too large or small, it is just between 0.01 and 0.1 times that of the sun. In time, such an accretion disk is an ideal environment for the production of heavy elements. Researchers believe that a large part of the heavy elements in the universe should be produced in this type of accretion disk.

As early as 2017, from the detected gravitational wave signals, scientists discovered for the first time that the collision of two neutron stars would also turn into a black hole. Neutron stars are the remains of some stars after they explode. Researchers speculate that the accretion disks around black holes are the key to the production of heavy elements. The accretion disk is a circle of high-temperature, high-density matter surrounding the black hole.

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Research leader Andreas Bauswein said: “Current data is not enough. We need to wait for a new generation of equipment Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) to be able to carry out accurate measurements. At that time, the theoretical model, experiment and astronomical observation data will all be combined. I believe that in the next few years we will be able to confirm the theory that the R-process (the production of heavy elements) is triggered after a neutron star collision.”

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