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At Christmas everyone with masks 😷 the predictions of the experts

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At Christmas everyone with masks 😷 the predictions of the experts

Experts tell us that we will probably have to wear masks for Christmas, here’s why and how to face this winter.

Although Covid no longer represents a serious threat, useful recommendations to “save Christmas” continue.


It is precisely this sentence that has remained impressed on the millions of Italians who have faced the pandemic: “Let’s save Christmas”. And then “let’s save Easter”, “let’s save the holidays”, and then again “let’s save Christmas”. An infinite loop which, regardless of the health risk, makes you live perpetually in anguish.

We hoped to have gotten rid of Covid this year, given the wide adherence to the vaccination campaign. And instead the variants appear one after the other, making us understand that the virus will probably never be completely defeated. But we could live with it, perhaps thanks to scientific discoveries, new treatments, and the fact that in any case this disease is no longer completely unknown.

What the experts continue to tell us, on the other hand, is of a completely different kind. We are in a period in which seasonal flu also occurs, and in which hundreds of viruses are circulating which can give us health problems. There are vaccines, there are treatments, and there are protocols to be implemented in the case of people at risk such as immunosuppressed or elderly. But the “predictions” are not at all reassuring.

Will we have to wear masks for Christmas? Here are the experts’ predictions

The affirmations disclosed these days come on virology, epidemiology and other leading actors are very direct and with even “threatening” tones. Just think of what the president of the Campania Region said Vincent DeLuca. Mask or Christmas in bed“. And again the recommendations to “save Christmas”.

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to save him, we should continue to sanitize our hands continuously, avoid crowded places and gatherings where there are fragile people, get vaccinated and wear a mask.

Also Walter Riccardi “scolds the Italians” stating on the media that we are “among the last for vaccination coverage among the large countries“. And that we must adopt the practices learned during the pandemic, otherwise”the dead will continue fueling a silent slaughter“. They are strong wordswhich they can not worry all people who are dealing with the flu or Covid these days.

In fact, going to look an interesting report published by Il Sole 24 Ore (updated December 6, 2022 ed), we discover that in Italy we are 84.3% of fully vaccinated people. In France they are 78.7%; in Spain 85.6%; in the United States 67.7%; in Brazil 80%; in Russia 52.9%; in India 67.3%; countries in Africa range from 3% to 30%. So we are certainly not among the “worst”, quite the contrary.

More (really) silent massacreson the other hand, are manifesting precisely because of the continuum stress and fear instilled by Covid in young people and adults. A recent study has put the numbers on paper for a large swath of population worldwide, which is “worse” than in the pre-pandemic era, and from all points of view: mental, social and economic.

I seasonal flu infectionswhile in, they are on the rise and earlier than pre-Covid. According to the predictions of the FIMMG secretary, Silvestro Scotti, at Christmas we will have the peak, unlike the years before the pandemic in which it happened towards San Silvestro. We have to remember though that seasonal flu, unlike Covid, has never caused so many deaths, although obviously there are categories at risk.

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But it is natural to also think of other claims that come from the same experts who, candidly, said that it is precisely by wearing the masks for a long time that our antibodies have weakened. So what to do?

Again according to De Luca, we shouldn’t be “the brave” e we should wear the mask from now to Christmas, to save the New Year’s Eve. The obligation to wear a mask in schools is already present in some institutes in the Palermo area, and who knows if the “recommendations” will soon affect other Regions.

In contrast, the draft law proposal that will allow asymptomatic people to “limit” isolation to just 5 daysmakes us understand that perhaps Covid – if it doesn’t even give symptoms in some people – is one disease that we can now manage. Thanks to Medicineand certainly not to media terror campaigns.

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