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“At Fermi work on the lift, we eat in the gym and no gymnastics: this administration creates chaos”

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MACERATA – The opposition councilors intervene a few hours before the beginning of the school year to underline the inconvenience due to the lack of transport and canteens on the first day in class. Then they point the finger at the construction site at the former Barracks

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Enrico Fermi

Works at the Enrico Fermi school, transport and canteens: these are the nodes on which the opposition councilors of Macerata point their finger at the resumption of the school year, accusing the municipal administration of “having created chaos where everything worked”. The note was signed by the councilors Ninfa Contigiani, Maurizio Del Gobbo, Narciso Ricotta, Alessandro Marcolini, Andrea Perticarari (Democratic Party), Stefania Monteverde (Macerata Bene Comune), David Miliozzi (Macerata Together), Ulderico Orazi (Italia Viva) and Elisabetta Garbati (Macerata Rinnova). «The municipal administration and the councilor Cassetta in the front row – they write – wanted to dismantle one of the most recognized services in the city and at the same time managed to start the school year without any of the essential services for its development.

City Council_FF-3-325x217All yesterday we received protest calls because the school transport service on the first day of school is not there, but it is not enough. The canteens of all the schools, on which the brave renovators had to demonstrate their reorganization and efficiency, today do not serve meals. Where everything worked, they managed to create chaos: the children – today, the first day in class – make do at lunch because the canteens are not yet in operation, the parents who have been working for days will have recourse to the usual family welfare (who has the conditions) since they cannot count on a consolidated municipal service that in previous years has always started on time, the canteen workers will find themselves in the ambasses, since the reorganization was communicated in the city council only on Monday and therefore cooks and cooks will have been combined with the so-called ‘serventi’ kitchens only very recently and they will have to take care of everything, since portioners and assistants have not yet been appointed, let alone have arrived. Who knows, then, if they have ever worked in the sector or come from a completely different profession, which would have needed at least a minimum of operational training that there will be no ». They conclude: «It would seem that fortunately they could not touch the school buildings, because otherwise they would have put them at risk too. And yet, even on this floor, faced with the utter dismay of some parents, Councilor Cassetta announced at the meeting with them that at E. Fermi the construction work for the renovation of an elevator will begin, together with the lessons in the classroom. Yes, really, right now, so that to add insult to injury, classes will ‘happily’ be forced to eat meals in the gym, instead of in the cafeteria, also losing physical activity as a result. On the other hand, they only noticed the construction site at the former Barracks after we made an agenda and hastened to say that it is not their fault, coincidentally, but of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. If this is not real organizational failure, what is it? Even the Ministry, this year, had succeeded in the incredible feat of appointing all the teachers in time ».

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